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Oops! Why was I worried about loosing too much?

After the weekend I've had I don't think I need to worry about whether I was loosing weight too fast. I've just weighed myself (sunday is my official weigh day) and I'm back up to 14st 10lbs which means I've now only lost 3lb this week. Still a good loss but disappointing when you know you weighed 5lbs less on friday and basically ate 2lbs back on in just over 24 hours!

This is how it happened.....

On Saturday my husband and I went to watch Wicked the musical in London with mymily. I was doing well with keeping on track with my calories up until after the performance, I'd had a toasted hot cross bun for breakie, only drank water for drinks all day and had a sandwich in pret a manger which was 315 cals and didn't contain mayo!

Then after the performance we went out for dinner. I wanted to go to the weatherspoons down the road which had low cal options but my brother in law and sister wanted to go to an Italian they'd spotted. I caved in and thought oh well I'll just have to choose something without a creamy sauce that has lots of veg. I went for a chicken pasta with courgette, pepper and tomato (it didn't have a sauce on it).

Wishfull thinking on my part. It all started to go down hill when I had a nibble on some bread while we waited thinking well you've lost 5lbs this week you can afford to be a little naughty.I wish I hadn't though as OMG when my main arrived it was on a plate the size of a hgv's hubcap and the pasta was so oily. It tasted great and I ate it all, completely ignoring my prior promises to myself to eat slow and stop before I was full. What makes it worse is I then had pudding and a hot chocolate despite saying and knowing I was full. I felt so full that I was queasy by the end and I was still full when I got up this morning.

I'm cheesed off that I let this happens. Tbe only silver lining is that I don't normally weigh myself mid week and if I hadn't then I would have taken the 3lbs as a great victory. In future I'm going back to weighing once a week and eating sensibly in between.

Altnough I know the blame lies mostly with me as I choose what goes in my body I am a little annoyed with my family. They know how hard I'm trying in fact 4 of the 6 of us are supposed to be on diets, my sister and brother I law being 2 lf them.With the diet they're on they seems to be able to eat whatever they fancy. At lunch my sister had a pot of soup and a sandwich.

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Hi there

Just to let you know that I felt exactly like you last week as valentines day sent me on a three day bender and I gained three pounds,at least you lost something and a good weightloss too!,unfortunately things crop up in life that will always be out of our control,as long as you get back on track I wouldn't worry about it too much,infant it's made me try harder this week if anything,my weigh in is Monday morning so Im keeping my fingers crossed,at least you enjoyed your weekend,hope you have a good week xx

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Thanks I'm trying to stay positive.



Well done for doing so well! You can't punish yourself for having the odd meal out. I know how you feel though I did similar to you and Booster8joanna and recently put weight on despite exercising more. Guess the real lesson to be learned is that we are in control and I try to remember that in a good way. It is frustrating when it feels like someone pushes you off the rails that you're working hard to stay on but you can now re-focus and set yourself some positive goals for the week ahead. You still lost 3lbs which is great for a week when you've had such a nice indulgent day too. Good luck for this week!


If you were doing the 5:2 Diet you wouldn't be worried about enjoying your meals out. But you still lost three pounds in the week which is brilliant. One or two pounds a week is the usual weight loss so you're doing really well.


Hi pinkymoo,

But look on the positive side - you've learnt something about you and your relationship with food.

Now, you did well to think about the sauce. Often, the calories aren't just in the meal, but in the toppings, custards, sauces and "extras" (or the drinks, the lattes, the glasses of wine, etc.) - you know the bits that people often "forget" (accidentally or otherwise) to include in their food diaries!

But perhaps you could have shared a pudding, done a quick 'one between two'?

And whilst you enjoyed the taste of the food, it ended up leaving you feeling over-full and queasy. That bit wasn't so much fun, was it? And that is what happens, as you change what you normally eat, then your tastes change. As you eat less sugar and fat, then you find eating sugary and fat things less enjoyable. So if you've been cutting back on the calories, you've probably been eating less fat over the last few weeks and so the oily pasta wasn't as enjoyable as you expected.

I tell you honestly, I couldn't eat these days, some of the things that I used to tuck into when I was at my heaviest. In fact, just the thought of some of them makes me feel queasy and actually somewhat ashamed / embarrassed.

But, my advice is, chalk it up to experience. It's all part of the weight loss journey, working out how to handle various social and other situations where you have limited food choices or where you're going to be hard to resist eating too much.

Ho hum, so you've had a wobble. What to do next? Just get back on that weight loss bus and get on with your journey.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


Maybe your sister and brother in law are doing 5:2 and made sure they were on a normal eating day that day.

Most of the time losing weight isn't so much about WHAT we eat, it's about HOW MUCH we eat. You said that you felt queasy after your meal because you just kept eating - that tells you something.

Successful weight loss means listening to our bodies, eating slowly and recognising the 'full' signals.

I'm sure you've heard all that before!

What's done is done and you will have learned from it. Just draw a line under it and keep going and next time you go for a meal just remember how you felt after that one.

I now ask for a starter size portion or a half portion when I can. Unless it's a steak or similar there is no reason why restaurants can't do this. Or I choose something from the starter section as my main course as starters are often lighter.

The other thing is - ditch the "well you've lost 5lbs this week you can afford to be a little naughty" mind set. Therein lies disaster!! Change it to "well I don't want to ruin that 5lb loss, do I"

Just keep on keeping on



My sitster and brother in law are doing slimming world. I'm not desperately sure how it works other tha they're supposed to be allowed to eat as much rice and pasta as they like as long as they put nothing on it? Which seems to go against what they had for dinner as that was caked in fat! I'm not going to judge them as it appears to work for them. My sister weighs a good few stone more than me so any way she can loose weight has to be a winner.

I knew where I'd gone wrong as soon as I'd finished my meal. I did all the things I promised myself I wouldn't do. I can't really blame anyone else but I was annoyed I got talked out of weatherspoons as I could have easily have picked items on their menu. It had calories on it!

Sometimes I get mad because my sister is very bossy and easily gets her way. I capitulate for an easy life and usually I end up coming a cropper because of it.


As you say - whatever works for them! :D It's difficult when you have a bossy sibling..changing the habit of a lifetime and not letting her have her way is not easy.

Your advantage is that you know what you have to do - doing it is the next step. :D

Good luck



Hey, you've forgotten something - you lost 3 pounds! Woohoo! That's amazing! Ok it's not 5 but what the 2 pounds are just retained water from a change in diet. They had either not been lost or you need a pee.

I think we've missed something. One meal out does not make you fat and does not make you thin. It just is what it is. The key now is to get back on track and stay on there. In life there are going to be special days when you can't control what's happening. Soon you won't even fancy that kind of food. I think you're being a bit mean on yourself. I hope you have a great week this week.

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