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Week 3 weigh in :)

I really wasn't looking forward to this morning's weigh in, and posted here mid-week for advice. Someone suggested a 500 calorie day, which I did on Friday (well, almost 500 calories :p), and combined with eating healthily yesterday and building in some more walking, it has made a real difference! Thank you everyone for your support when I was feeling a bit down in the dumps about it all!

Today's weight - 75.1kg, a loss this week of 1.4kg, and a total loss of 2.9kg in the three weeks! I would have been happy to have not gained this week, so I'm thrilled with that loss! It takes my BMI down to 25.9 too, so 'healthy' is within sight, and I've earned my treat, a bit of retail therapy.

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Hi there

I was like you a couple of weeks ago and had a bit of a wobble midweek but through the support of this forum I stuck to my guns and ended up losing two pounds,it's the first time I've ever tried a forum for support and I would definitely recommend it,I've been telling my friends all about it and it's absolutely free which is pretty amazing when I think of all the money that I've wasted over the years at slimming clubs,well done to you anyway and keep up the good work,hope you enjoy your shopping trip and buy yourself something really nice xx


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