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week 5 weight loss

well from a start of 90.8 and bmi of 29.5 lost a further 800gms this week down to 86.3 bmi 28.2 still a way to go. still not managing to get enough exercise just yet. so this loss is really down to diet. i have found blueberries this week. where they have been all my life but i love them.really nice taste have now gone with organic in future.i now look forward now to being hungery as this may mean im loseing weight.

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Hi chocsoldier

When I struggled to fit in about of exercise I joined a gym hoping it would encourage me to go. It didn't if course. I then found ptprograms.com.au where you can download heaps of cardio and strength workouts to do at home all for free. I found that having a written program to follow overcame the problem of having to think of something to do. I have since joined the paying membership where they put together a 12 week program to match your goal, limitations on time and current fitness level. Not bad for $10

But stick to the diet and get exercusing



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