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Week 1 public journal and question about beer

Hi all i'm on my first week i'm an O.T student, i don't own a set scales , but i'lll probably buy one at the end of the week.

I'm mostily eating nairns oatcakes with vitmain pills usually about 4 mini packs a day (1248) with vitamin pills

I had on slip up this week with a pub lunch and a few beers i like to have with my freind after lectures, and it really through off my calorie 'budget', i supposed to wanted to know, how do you guys handle days when you kinda have to/want to go over?

I meanbascially my week looks like 1,293 2,590, 1500 and 1,130 so far


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I wouldn't fret so much about going over as long as you 'behave' on the other days but as delicious a beer is, it's the worst thing ever to drink :/ I heard cranberry juice and vodka is low in calories! I would personally just have the beer and feel bad but that's probably why I have zero motivation and am still trying to conquer week1 run1 of couch25k! haha :/


Oh i know, but i love it! i make my own wine which would probably be better for me, but... there's nothing quite like comming relaxing with freinds a couple of nights a week with few beers (i really do mean a few). Ummm something i found useful for the excerise component a finanacial incentive: I walk to uni every day it's about 90 minuites (there and back) everyday and saves me 11 pounds a week. (then again you probably earn more than me!)


I also started the week 1 of Couch to 5km I have the last run tomorrow and can progress to week 2. Keep trying you will get there :)


May I ask you a question, please? If we set aside the vitamin pills, since you don't know how good your body is at getting the vitamins from them, or how much gets damaged in the processing, how much of the food you eat does you body want? I'm thinking what was available to our species a little over ten thousand years ago - pre-agriculture.


I really don't know, i'm not a deitician (or even a qualifed o.t) But i recceive some dietician stuff.. if your pooping more than once a day chances are your eating too much (usually obvs medical condition reliant) . I do know something about hunter gather life styles as well... Hunting, wasn't all that good, they reakon the women probably fed tribes better by gather berries and the like.... is that what you where asking?


I poop more than once a day I heard it is normal and healthy to poop more than once. I guess it is due to the increase in fibre that I have been eating.


Hi LaughingOT

I like oat cakes a great deal but I wouldn't want to live on them. Why are you not eating real food instead of vitamin pills? This does not sound like a very healthy or cheap diet!

(Sorry if I sound like someone's mum).

This is useful information on healthy eating. authoritynutrition.com/low-...


Hi Penel no problem: bascially socioeconimic reasons. I live in a flat with 5 othert people 2 of which are very keen cooks 2 of which almost never leave the flat, getting access to the kitchen is hard and t-b-h i've more or less abadoned it for anything more complex than a cup of tea. So oatcakes are very cheap, i eat for £1 (check out nairns rough oatcakes if you don't belive me, i could go cheaper at lidll for 0.79p a packet) and there filling i don't feel hungry most of the time, and they don't need to be cooked. I'm sure vitacmine pills arn't ideal but, both the packs i got cost about 4 pounds (multivitimains+ iron supplments) but they've lasted me most of the year and will probably last me till the summer.


Not having access to a kitchen certainly makes healthy eating very difficult! You really do need to get some protein and essential fatty acids into you. You could take an Omega 3 capsule along with your vitamins. Cheese is a protein that doesn't need cooking and would also give you some calcium, or perhaps you could manage to boil an egg.

Eating such a limited diet is not ideal, but if you are young and active hopefully it won't do you much harm!

I shouldn't worry about having the occasional beer. If you eat out try to make it a good serving of protein and vegetables.

Good luck with your studies, and roll on the day you can get into a kitchen.


Hi laughing OT,

Well, if you're in any way serious about what you're eating, then you could heading for problems. Forget the weight loss aspect for a moment. The fact is your body needs a full and proper range of nutrients to stay optimally functional.

When people undertake a weight loss regime and cut down on their calorie intake, they generally eat less food and that makes it more likely that they won't take in a full range of nutrients. But weight loss and calorie reduction doesn't decrease your need for vitamins, minerals, EFAs, dietary fibre, etc., etc. Indeed, the failure to take in certain particular nutrients can be quite dangerious, thus the risks of Very Low Calorie Diets and the dangers of eating disorders such as anorexia. So, do get fruit and veg (especially green) and fish and a broad range of other foods into your eating regime.

As for vitamin pills, well, as Concerned has already suggested, they're just not a particularly good way of taking in those nutrients. The quality of many vitamins is better if eaten within fresh and natural foods and many are made poorer by the extraction processes and by being made into pills that have an appropriate (for the manufacturer and seller) shelf-life.

Ah, you've worked it out! The vitamin C (or whatever) in an onion, or a lemon, doesn't have to be 'kept' for months and months on a health food shop's shelves, because the onion, or whatever would go off before that any how! That's one of the reasons why the vitamins in fresh, real food are often more beneficial than the forms that end up going into pills.

I'd suggest you have a good read of the NHS live well lose weight pages to get the idea. There's also pages about eating well. (Not exactly you own personal dietician, but not bad generalised advice)

Good luck with your weight loss efforts - do keep yourself healthy.


The pub lunch and beers is probably the least of the worries as far as your diet is concerned, since you seem to have a very restricted choice of foods.

I can see that you responded to say you don't have access to the kitchen much, but please try to rethink your diet. If you are literally only eating oatcakes and vitamin pills then you are missing out a lot of essential nutrients! You need a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates which provide essential roles in the body as well as giving you calories. Protein is needed for you to be able to repair muscles to enable them to keep strong and healthy (that includes your heart!). Fat helps the body absorb vitamins and also provides fatty acids (essential for good health). You should also be trying to get plenty of fibre as well, which mainly comes from fruit and veg.

In other words, eating just oatcakes will be very bad for you and the vitamins will not be covering your other nutritional needs. I hope you are at least topping the oatcakes with other things, like ham, cheese spread, veggies. You might manage to get a balanced diet that way, but it would be a lot better to have a wider range of foods.


Hi albionken. I've deccided to have 1 fried sarnie a day, (with mustard low fat marergine and a morning roll) But i'm getting 0ther nutrietns from things i have mentioned (i drink about a carten of soya milk a week, i'm a keen tea drinker)


Hi, your diet doesnt sound like one that you stick to long term, I think its best to cut down on portion sizes, eat your 5 fruit and veg per day abd just cut down on the obvious things like chocolate, crips, fried food. Do this along with exercise and the weight will drop off and you will feel satisfied and youll be able to stick to it more easily


Hi Tenacious, I take vitaminds and following advice i've deccided to have 1 fried egg sarnie a day (most days anyway). I acctually do agreat deal of excercise this week at least, i walk to uni every day and it's at least 45 minuites there and back, and i'm in every day (health's like that)


Maybe better to have a poached egg sarnie rather than fried.


Really? even if it's friend in Low-Fat Margerine?


Hi again

Saturated fat is not bad for you and will not cause weight gain unless it's in biscuits, cake etc. This article is from a cardiologist published in the BMJ


Do some googling using PubMed, you can get free acces to summaries of scientific studies. The NHS is wonderful, but about 40 years out of date when it comes to dietary advice.


Hi laughingOT,

Try this



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