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Since last Saturday (my last weigh in) I have put on 0.4kg!!! I've been unwell, and my mum has been to stay, which has meant meals out, having nice food in the house for her and generally not really paying much attention to what I've been eating. Also, as it is half term, I've not been as active as I usually would be (I spend most of the day teaching on my feet). Anyway, I really really want to lose as much of this as I can by my next weigh in on Sunday morning. Any advice or motivation to get me back on the straight and narrow?

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Hi Miss_p!

Try a one day 500 calories fast - easier than you think especially if you keep plenty of fresh water handy to drink each time you get a hunger pang! Should definitely work provided you don't have a 'blow-out' the next day!!

Good Luck!!


Thanks! Might give this a go tomorrow, I've done it once before and found it quite motivating.


I teach too and have the same problems with vacations - in term time I'm on my feet almost the whole time and so being moderately active all day, plus I don't get time to snack. But then during the vacation I tend to be less active and get tempted to start snacking. I had been really good until yesterday, when I got tempted to have a Chinese takeaway, and once I'd had that I totally caved in went to the shops and bought some donoughts and cheese and cheese biscuits... I lasted out until yesterday because I'd built up about six or seven weeks of eating healthily and getting a bit more exercise, plus feeling motived to stick at it having got my BMI below 30 and being concerned to reduce my cholesterol. I had also been really good during the whole of the Christmas vacation and actually lost weight over Christmas (I'd just found out I had high cholesterol so had a big incentive to eat healthily.) I had gone down two pounds to 13 stone 10 pounds last weekend, but think I'll have put weight on when I weight myself this weekend, due to so much scoffing of unhealthy food yesterday. Maybe if your mum has now gone you should throw out / give away any remaining unhealthy food? Perhaps getting an exercise bike for home my be a good idea? I've got one, but to be honest get quite bored when using it, so I thought I might set up the laptop in front of it and watch some films on the laptop while using the bike. However I've had a cold all this week so haven't felt like going on the bike. At least I'll be too busy marking mock exam essays all weekend to get tempted to start scoffing unhealthy food again, however it also means I won't have much time spare to get on the exercise bike.


Oh no, awful isn't it? I seem to get myself into the mindset that I deserve a treat because it's the holidays too! I'm making a real effort to ignore the unhealthy stuff, and have decided to treat myself to some shopping at the weekend if I can get myself back down by then - good motivation as far as I'm concerned! I've looked into buying exercise equipment, but a lot of it comes with a fairly hefty pricetag and would take up quite a lot of space in my little house! I think I need to get myself back into the habit of evening and weekend walks, but have recently taken on a few children to tutor in the evenings, and by the time that is done, I never have the motivation!


It's not really a treat if it causes such anguish in the long-run.

Go for 'treats' that are nutrient dense, that satisfy you appetite, not stimulate it.

Too much carbohydrate down-regulates the pleasure-centres of the brain (dopamine receptors), so you need more to get the same level of short-term pleasure.

Go for long-term happiness instead (serotonin).


Having a 30 minute or so walk in the evening has been my main form of exercise since Christmas, as its the only thing I can stick to every day. Unfortunately I've dropped out of the habit of doing it as had a cold for about 2 weeks. I go on the exercise bike every now and then in the evenings but find it hard to do it regularly. I've managed to lose one stone since Christmas, but that's been through healthy eating in the main.


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