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Total pig out!!

I'm on week 5 and have been doing really well and lost a stone but I'm afraid valentines day put a spanner in the works as along with my dozen red roses came a box of Swiss truffles that I couldn't resist,I got weighed on Monday and had gained three pounds,I could've cried,I did also have a birthday party to contend with and a Sunday lunch so it shouldn't have been such a shock,it was hard gaining control again but I've been good since yesterday and I'm determined not to let my slip up beat me,food has always been such a challenge for me but as I'm getting older my health has become more important especially as at age nearly 43 I'm trying for a baby so wish me luck xxx

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Hi Booster8joanna,

It can be so hard when you are given something like a box of chocolates - I had a similar experience to yours over Christmas, as I found that once I started to eat some chocolates I ended up finishing off them all within a short space of time, and then I felt awful.

Glad to hear that you are getting back on track again - you said you've been better since yesterday, and I am sure you will reap the benefits of that change.

Good luck with your personal goal of having a baby - are you having your folic acid supplements and stuff like that?

Hope you have a good week.

Lowcal :-)


Hi lowcal

Thanks for your supportive reply,that's the best thing about this forum,it really does help me,I think like you said that we've all had our moments especially when it comes to chocolate,I have to say though that I did really enjoy them lol,thanks for your comments regarding the baby situation,been on folic acid for over two years and one failed Ivf attempt which was awful at the time but I'm hanging on in there,good luck with your weightloss,you're doing really well xx


I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet, so I could fit my two fasting days around my social life. Consequently I never felt deprived, or felt that if I'd eaten something I shouldn't then I'd blown the week's diet. Please watch this BBC Horizon programme, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" vimeo.com/54089463 which is a life-changer! I've been a size 10 now since last April and feel fantastic.

My daughter is now doing 5:2 and is losing half a stone a month.


Hi there

A lady I used to work with was on the diet you mention and thought it was amazing so it is of interest to me,she also had great weight loss so it's definitely of interest to me,thanks for your reply xx


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