Hi - newbie started yesterday!

Hi everyone, I started the 12 week plan yesterday and have just discovered this forum. I am following this with a work colleague and we are hoping to work together and motivate each other! We will be checking each other's charts at the end of each week. I'm cutting my calories to 1600 to see how I get on (recommended between 1500-1900 on the nhs bmi calculator)! Hoping to lose some weight before my holiday at the end of May! How's everyone getting on? X


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11 Replies

  • Welcome!

    So far I've lost 1st 6lbs (starting weight 16st 5lbs) in about 6 weeks and things are going very well.

    It's great that you're doing this with someone, it's good to have support. Make little changes gradually like the plan does and you should see results.

    Looking forward to hearing your progress.

  • Well done! That's fab! :-) I'll be weighing in on a Sunday night so will update on progress then! Managed to stick to the calories yesterday without too much problem so fingers crossed! Nice to hear from you x

  • You've made a good start. I weigh in on a sunday too.

  • I haven't started this specific challenge as yet but I've heard that you should weigh yourself in the morning after going to the toilet (number 2...sorry gross I know) for an accurate reading. Your body holds on to a certain amount of water that you give it throughout the day and readings may fluctuate!!

    I found this info beneficial as it put me in a good routine and results seemed accurate, weight loss went straight down instead of up down up down every other day

    hope this info helps you all? :)

    I look forward to starting when all of the cakes have gone :/

  • Might swap to a morning weigh in then! Thanks for the advice! :-) look forward to chatting more with you all x

  • Hi, its good to have someone ..to lose weight together...have a good first week...my target july when I go on holiday ..and look good in my swimming costume ..

  • Same motivation as me then! I haven't been on holiday for 6 years and would love to invest in a bikini for this one! Fingers crossed I can slim enough to dare! Good luck x

  • pinkymoo you're doing amazingly! hope to get to your stage

    michwat, you're my path leader! show me what is possible 1 week from now!


  • Ah thanks :-) will let you know how I get on!!! :-) quite enjoying planning meals ahead so I know the calories, hopefully that's a good sign. Good luck getting the cakes out of the way, then we can work together x

  • The 5:2 Diet is the first diet that's ever worked for me, where the weight goes (three stone in six months) and then you can maintain it afterwards easily, and not immediately put it back on again! Please watch this excellent BBC Horizon programme, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" by Dr Michael Mosley vimeo.com/54089463 which spawned the 5:2 Diet. I've maintained my size 10 since April and have never felt so fit and healthy. My daughter is now doing it too and is losing half a stone a month. You can combine it with other diets too - just eat 500 calories on two non-consecutive days in the week.

  • Hi gingernut,

    I have dabbled in the 5:2 diet but really struggled my fasting days at work with too many office temptations! Willpower is not my strong point! Plus my husband wants to eat healthily with me to motivate me and he tried and caved in half way through the day! Might give it another go if this doesn't give me the results x

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