Week 2 - no weight loss

Stayed the same as last week, but I know why. I am trying to use up all of the food that I have lurking in the freezer which might not necessarily be good for weight loss, but it saves wasting it and at least I am having a cooked meal every day. Tomorrow is another day (as Scarlett quoted lol).


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  • If you know you've eaten a little more, is it really helpful to weigh yourself? I started a diet 4 months ago and at the last weigh in had lost nearly 3 stone, but I've slipped since then. Rather than see the damage and chastise myself (which is just really unhelpful) I'm focusing on getting back on track. I'll know by my clothes when I've lost more than I had before.

  • Yes, still needed to weigh myself just to see what impact it had. I was pleasantly surprised as I thought that I might have gained. I don't lose any sleep over though.

  • I'm on week 2 and stayed the same too. Very frustrating when I've tried so hard. Keep motivated though, I'm sure you'll lose at next weeks weigh in

  • Yes, more annoying when you have tried and then not lost weight. Good luck for next week.

  • This is happening to me..4 weeks in a row :( im still sticking with it though, if I dont keep trying it can never get better I think thats the best way to think of it

  • It seems like a good idea to me to get rid of all the non diet friendly food from the freezer rather than waste it and then you can start from scratch once its gone. Depending on how much you have to use up you could always alternate between calorie counted healthy meals one day to the meals from the freezer the next; that way you wouldn't be eating non diet friendly food every night? I bought some snacks at the weekend and instead of yamming them all in 1 sitting on Saturday night I only had a few and then shared the rest with my other half last night to get rid of them but I still calorie counted and it meant I stayed inside my calorie target so that's progress for me!

    If I were you I'd still weigh myself so I could keep an eye on any possible weight gain - you are after all trying to loose weight so you don't want to find out after 3 weeks that you've suddenly got another half a stone to lose!

    BTW to Silver123 and Kips; quite often your weight loss can slow right down the second week so try not to feel too down about it - keep going and next week I'm sure you'll see a loss! :)

    Good luck :)

  • Thanks. There wasn't that much, it isn't as though I had a freezer full of ice cream :-) All of the non diet food has gone now and I am back on track.

  • I hate the idea of wasting money and throwing away something I've paid hard earned money for, but when you think about it eating it is going to do harm if its bad stuff, so it would be better off in the bin than in your stomach. If you don't like the idea of wasting the 'bad' food in the freezer, why not give it away to someone. Then you feel like you've done something charitable with it and avoided putting on weight. Whether it goes in your mouth, in someone else's mouth, or in the bin, its going to go. Maybe take a hit and waste the money you spent and bin it.

  • It is all gluten free food and none of my friends would like it, all gone now anyway as there wasn't that much. I am happy with the way I did it. Definitely would not bin it, too much food is thrown away as it is.

  • I have just weighed myself on week 2 and stayed the same too. Weather was too bad to start C25K last week made a start last night so hopefully should see a weight loss this week.

  • See food as fuel for your body and remember that you have to burn more energy than you take in. If you just do the same things, you'll stay the same.

  • Glad to hear someone else has stayed the same!!! My theory is, I put on so much over the summer that it's going to take a while to come off, better to come off slowly though and stay off rather than fast and even faster to put back on !!

  • I am on week 2 and only lost 2lb so far - but I have lost 5inches so I am seeing that as a possitive thing .. I only weigh myself twice a week .. monday for my weigh in day and then maybe thursday to see how I am doing .. don't beet yourself up I hate wasting food too .. just keep on .. slow and steady .. its not a diet its a lifestyle change :)

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