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Week 2 weigh in and poorly

This week has been trickier than week 1 - I've been diagnosed with tonsillitis and possible upper respiratory infection and or pleurisy. Because of this I've been feeling sorry for myself and just wanting to eat rubbish like cheesy chips and chocolate ice cream. And I must admit I've given in to it. I weighed myself yesterday morning as I'm staying with family for a few days (another sure fire way to ruin my hard work!).

The scales said that I lost another 0.3kg this week (much to my surprise), taking my total lost to 1.5kg and my new weight to 76.5kg. Much better than expected, but I'm not so optimistic about next week.

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You poor thing! I myself am off work having had a second operation last week for a detached retina, also feeling sorry for myself as I am likely to lose central vision in my right eye :(

I think it is okay to fall off the wagon occasionally, provided we have the motivation to get back on and provided we can see it for what it is, namely a slight detour on the long journey to healthy eating.

Hope you feel better soon !


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