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Hi - I've just downloaded the 12 week plan and will be starting it tomorrow (start Monday!). I'm far too heavy and my stomach feels like a big stretched balloon! How is everyone finding this plan? I've tried so many diets - WW, RC, 5:2, etc. etc. and am so sick of it because I can only stick to it for so long. This plan looks like just good basic common sense so I'm hoping that this time I can get the weight off and keep it off! Would love to hear people's experiences? Thanks xx

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I'm calorie counting everything I eat!! And have been doing for the last 7 weeks and 6 days, being precise :D I will weigh in tomorrow on #WLC Week 7, so far I have lost 2.8 Kg (Nearly two large bags of flour), which I am happy about. I'm aiming at 1400 cals a day, but doing exercise as well. And if you print off the Fod and activity chart for each week, there is space for two Oops! per day, great way to realise I'm eating stuff I shouldn't. Still recording these Oops's, but now not every day, if you get what I mean? Hope it goes well for you. M.

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Hiya, I'm one week in and lost 4lb which I'm chuffed with,only another 3 stone to go! I'm using a free calorie counting app called my fitness pal, it's pretty good! I've started the 5k running program to, but I think that will be slow progress!


I'm calorie counting and using my fitness pal to log it.

When I started I weighed 16st 5lbs. I've just finished week 6 and I now weigh 14st 13lbs. I've lost a total of 1st 6lbs so far.

I've tried other thingd before but nothing really stuck. Like you said this plan makes sense. I'm cutting back on how much I eat, exercising more, drinking water instead of squash or cola.


O wow! That's great guys - thank you so much for the replies, I feel really motivated. It's great to hear about people's successes! :) x


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Hi - I started the diet last year having put on 15kg after giving up smoking. I'm now back to my normal weight of 72kg and feeling fitter than ever having also done the C25k program.

Something I found helpful were the free workout programs from ptprograms.com.au. it gave me some additional things to do and add a bit of variety to the week. They are pretty basic and easy to follow and can be done at home. I've since joined the for $10 and get monthly personal programs developed. Im sure there are more on the web you should check them out.

well done for taking the first step, you wont regret it


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