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Really hoping this will be the last time I say 'diet starts on Monday!'

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I know I'm not on my own when it comes to starting a 'diet' on Monday but I know I have failed too many of them and desperately want to stick to healthy eating and a life change.

Don't get me wrong I'd love a quick fix but wouldn't we all, and I know they don't exist for the long term.

I'm hoping to be able to post my ups and downs on here, to gain encouragement and help when needed and praise when I have achievements, I also want to encourage and help others.

I need to lose about 6-7 stones in weight, so here goes people :-D x

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Welcome aboard. I've not told myself I'm on a diet, but I am keeping track of calories as best I can. Even just writing down everything I eat seems to help. I made a start recording my food before I actually posted my start on here to avoid munching too much 'at the last minute' beforehand. There's some great support on here, looking forward to seeing the weight gradually decrease and eating patterns becoming healthier. Keep in touch!

Thanks for reply Beckipeg. I use an app called my fitness pal, on and off to record foods and calories, the app is great its my will power that is rubbish! :-( , one of the things I haven't tried but think might help is group support but I can't afford to go to meetings of any sort so I'm hoping that posting on here will provide that support for me. :-)

MyFitnessPal is brilliant!

I couldn't afford to go to meetings either - and a fat lot of good they are too as you lose the weight, stop going to the meetings, eat as you did before and all the weight and more goes back on again. The fattest people I know have Slimming World certificates all over their refrigerators!

I watched a life-changing programme in August 2012, BBC Horizon with Dr Michael Mosley, called "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" and I do recommend you watch it!

This led to the 5:2 Diet when Kate Harrison brought her book out in November 2012 and I lost three stone in six months by eating up to 500 calories on two non-consecutive days a week. I've kept it off since April last year by just fasting one day a week. Please watch the video - it will probably change your life too.

Do you work for someone in the 5:2 diet or something?

Work for someone like who? It's not anything you'd make money from like any ridiculous diet pills or special meals. I'm just on a small pension and it's saved me a fortune.

I'm just an absolute evangelist for it as it's the first diet that's ever not only been really successful but the weight has stayed off. If I can improve anybody's health by telling them about it then I certainly will. My daughter and many of my friends have seen my success, have tried it and have had the same success. One of my friends had pre-diabetes prior to losing weight and now her blood results are completely normal. I know hundreds on the Facebook groups who have had fantastic results - all without spending any money on slimming clubs and their ilk.

Have you watched the video? It was a BBC Horizon programme - so there was nothing at all commercial about it.

I really wish you all the best it's not easy but also not impossible try not to be too hard on yourself and you didn't fail it was just a different outcome to the one you expected

No matter how many attempts you take... you still haven't given up

hello im the same as you I have the same weight to lose , and I need to do it this time my health is at risk , so maybe we can support each other good luck

Thank you for your messages of encouragement, I really appreciate it.

Sunshine 55 that sounds like a great idea, thank you x:-D

You sound like me. Monday is always a good day to start. Just take it one day at a time.

Hi toothfairyklare

Good on you, I'm similar, always start on a Monday, never even get to Wednesday let alone any further!! I shall be interested in your updates. I'll be reading your posts to see how you're doing.

All the very best to you and please let us know all the details and what you're finding good or bad. Hopefully it will encourage me to start. X

I'm a week in, and doing the nhs 5long-running program, lost 4lb in the first week so I'm really chuffed! Just need to try and keeping going, something I've not managed to do before haha!! I'm using my fitness pal to, so far so good but I'm not enjoying weighing stuff out all the time!!

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.

Day one over and I'm happy to say it was a success!! :-)

I'll try and post each Monday to let you know my progress x

Well,I feel you need not tell yourself that you are on a diet.If you really want to lose weight and keep it that way then there is just no use of going on a crash diet.All you need to do is to eat a balanced diet,control your calorie intake and exercise regularly.Exercise will help tone your muscles and the balanced diet will give you that energy needed to tide over the daily chores.You will not need the use of supplements too.By following this routine the weight will also not comeback.You will be both sli and healthy.

Good luck, I'm with you on this.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad new, but this is all from 2014,and toothfairyklare never came back.


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