hello everyone I'm new here

hello everyone I'm new here, I really need to lose weight I weigh 12st, height is 5ft 3inc I'm 23. I want to know will this really work and any advice tips anything will be really helpful. anybody want to buddy up with me I want to weight 9st

thank you

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  • hi i will im 23 and weigh 11 stone 13 pound so i wanna go back to my old body i had about a year ago i was about 10 stone so i have a stone to lose and 13 pounds :) i will buddy up with you i joined the gym today had a 2 hour session i loved it

  • hi thank you that sweet of you :) . im going to start week one from tomorrow, what week are you doing. 2 hrs in the gym lol I can even do 30mins on a treadmill.

  • Hi May next time your on the treadmill try and do some hill climbing on the incline start off at 1-4 then build up as you go along this will burn more fat and keep your heart rate up hope this helps ...

  • I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet which is based on this excellent BBC Horizon programme, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" vimeo.com/54089463 I'm 5'8" and now weigh 9 stone 4 pounds, size 10. I was a size 16.

    Thank you for spelling LOSE correctly!

  • i now spelt it correctly

  • Hi I want to lose 3 stone my BMI says I'm overweight and I'm struggling trying to get the weight off, I've lost 10lb since jan but now nothing I use my fitness pal and calorie count everything and go gym at least twice a week for an hour and water aerobics for an hour each week yet no change. I'd like to know more about the 5:2 plan :)

  • Hi, my first recommendation is to watch the programme I posted the link to, and then read Kate Harrison's book called The 5:2 Diet. It's on kindle or paperback at Amazon or WHSmith etc and it's excellent. She has many useful tips and links in the book. Basically on two non-consecutive days you eat up to 500 calories. Do watch the Horizon programme first as you'll then understand the concept.

  • Hi May71! Just replied to your c25k post! :) I can vouch for the combination of programs - I've lost a stone since New Years and gained a fair bit of muscle from running. I've dropped two sizes from my top half and one size from my bottom half. It really works; I've seen steady progress week on week but above all my confidence has increased enormously. Hopefully I'll have lost another half stone by the end of Feb and the final half by the end of March (my birthday). Best of luck! :)

  • Hi may71 my sister is about the same age as you she tried weight watchers didn't work I wouldn't recommend it she went to the Jim and ran the treadmill for 2 months at the end she lost about 4 and a half stone out of it.

  • I can't see the point of paying any slimming club memberships. As soon as you stop that kind of daily dieting you put it all back on again. They want you to do that so you keep going back. I've kept my weight off since last April by just fasting one day a week.

  • Hello - i am new today - and would love to 'buddy up ' with you?

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