update wlwc 5 and #WLWC 6!! :)

So last week was manic so i didnt manage to post but i had lost a pound (which made it 7lbs down, 28 to go!) THIS WEEK I lost 3lbs!!! (so 10lbs down 25 to go!) my first goal is to lose another 4lbs by March 1st so Im trying my hardest. Im delighted about my waist though- started at 32inches and it is now down to just below 27 inches. Although a girl note, im disappointed that of all the fatty areas my body could attack, its gone for the boobs so they have shrunk :( Starting week 5 of the 'couch to 5k' tonight which im enjoying (who knew!) alongside the dvd im working through, I've also increased the amount of skating i'm doing.

Still taking photos each week and putting my £s in my jar. And i realised, im now 2lbs smaller than when I first met my other half so the smallest I've been in 3 years! mini achievement :)


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6 Replies

  • Hi Jelly3189,

    Congratulations on your weight loss, that's really great! You are doing really well.

    Hope you have another good week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you! Congrats on your weight loss as well! you'll have to let me know how your eating out goes. I've literally been really boring and tried to stick to the places I know the calories which is really limiting. Any great tips on how you do it would be greatly appreciated :)

    Good luck!!

  • Hi Jelly3189,

    You asked me how it went with my eating out. Well, I gained a pound in weight - I did try to choose wisely, and managed to do so in one meal - had salads for both my starter and my main course, but the other two meals didn't go so well - I chose quite a lot of bread and butter in addition to the three courses, and on Valentine's day we succumbed to Chocolate Ganache cake (delicious but deadly!)

    Hope you have had a good week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done you, Jelly. A mega achievement, really, being the lightest you've been in 3 years. I will keep looking for your posts, as we are almost identical in our weight loss, and weight yet to lose. Only wish I could run the couch to 5k, but arthritis in knees, spine, shoulders got me there. So for me it's on with the shuffle to disco and mowtown music. Good luck for next week, and keep going.

  • Thank you and you too! just been reading yours and we are very similar. Arthritis is a huge pain- i have it in my knees (not badly but since its been colder its been playing havoc so i haven't been able to do as much as I really want to). Do you ever try just dance? its on some of the games console so they can be quite good. Oh or YouTube have some you can bop to. Keep on going though and when you son gets back it'll be a whole new mum :)

  • Thanks, Jelly. I don't have a games console, but I DO have a jar with my junkfood money fund. Ireckon when on a roll, I was spending £3 a day ( I know!). When I've lost 2 stone, I'm gonna blow that money on new clothing, and maybe a games console too! :)

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