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#WLC Week 6 - Monday weigh-in


Morning weight loss club members!

Welcome to #WLC W6 weigh-in. Half way there! Use this midway point to review your routine to make sure there’s

nothing holding you back from losing weight.

Use this blog to share:

-your up-to-date weight status

-any weight loss achievements

-stories of resilience and self-determination

-any food and/or activity slip ups

-your goals for the coming week

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I thought I was going to be able to report a 400g weight loss at least due to jumping on the scales last Friday. But since then my weight has gone back up, so I am reporting a 100g weight loss. I'm down to 79.9 Kg, I hope never to see the 80's again.

My husband has taken me out this week for a curry (too many calories) and he's cooked (too many calories). It is two weeks before we go to the dietitian, after that hopefully he will be fully on board for me to lose weight.

Goals for this week, to get down to 79.5 Kg. Go to the gym three times, which may be difficult as grandson has a party to go to on Saturday afternoon, when I'm normally at the gym.


A day late but another lb down :) Hoping to lose a little bit more than last week to take me under the 12st mark (never to return) but I won't be too disappointed if I don't quite make it. Every lb lost is a step in the right direction :)

Although I wasn't feeling quite myself I am very pleased to say I lost 3lb have now lost over 1/2 a stone first goal achieved now to reach a stone :-)

Hi, have lost 2 lbs this week. Down 10lbs overall. Seeing a good rate of weight loss at present as stalled a few weeks back. Continuing with calorie counting and exercise mix. Will be so happy to see 1st stone gone! Got 3 stone to loose over this year so would mark a third of the journey done. Enjoying staying within allowance and the improve fitness. Having said that, did get a takeaway this week but kept portions small and found myself throwing away food rather than over eating.

No loss again this week, but I can accept that. I have just started doing the 5:2 diet, to try and get my weight loss going again, with my first fast day being last Thursday. I then went away for the weekend and enjoyed eating what I liked without too much calorie-counting. Came back and weighed in nervously, to find my weight exactly the same. :-O The 'fast' day had worked its magic! It's my second fast day today, and I will need to fit in one more this week. I'm back to watching the calories on the other five days, within reason, so I'm hoping to report a loss next Monday. I'm getting so close to that magic BMI of 30, making me very motivated. :-) Bit less motivated exercise-wise, as I've now got a cold on top of a somewhat unhappy digestive system. I'm hoping giving my insides a liquid diet 'rest' a couple of days a week will help the latter, but the cold makes running in the constant rain very off-putting.

Btw, the post isn't pinned for this week.


Hi well done everyone who has lost weight this week or stayed the same. I've lost 1/2lb this week. I really don't need to lose any more for health reasons, my BMI is about 23.5 but I'm happy for my weight to drift down slowing at the moment for fashion reasons. Good luck everyone and keep going it is worth it in the long run.

#WLC week 6

1lb off this week very pleased, I want to lose this last 14lb and to look and feel as healthy as possible for a 63 year old arthritic. My lovely brother-in-law brought me some chocs at the weekend they are still in the cupboard unopened I dare'nt open them or I will eat the lot.

This week I have exercised extra hard and have gone down from 10st1 to 9st13 first time I have gotten to under 10 stone since starting to eat better and exercise. :D

lost 1 and half lbs this week. Well chuffed. Now 12st 8lbs so still a good way to go.

I am reporting a 2 ib loss, I keep weighing my self and all week it looked like I was going to report a no loss. But yesterday I jumped on the scales and had a loss and I have double checked this morning and still the same, well 1/4 pound difference so I am taking it.

Week 6 already? Missed the weigh in last week - still got this rotten cough. Finding it hard to keep the motivation going. Lost the plot at the weekend, no real idea what I ate. At least the scales don't show I've gained, but then I've not lost either. Bit miserable. Finding the forum a little harder to navigate than the couch to 5k one - when I click my activity it takes me through to the beginning of the whole #WLC pinned posts rather than my post and what follows. Still getting lost amongst all the spam posts too. Real shame. Should I just be starting a new post each time? I managed to complete the C25K with the support of folk on the forums there and desperately want to lose at least a stone but feel my target date slipping away ....

BigSuitcase in reply to Beckipeg

Hey Beckipeg, I looked out for you last week, as you were so encouraging to me the week or so before. Being ill is tough. Just give yourself time to recover knowing that you'll get back into it again when fully fit. Don't lose heart, hang in there. You will do it, you know you will. Believe it. Break your overall goal down into little steps, don't think of the whole stone(s).

The thing that really helped me to finally focus properly (and seems to be doing the trick in finally making the number on the scales creep slowly downwards) was working out how long it takes me to run off a pound of lard (3,500 calories). It's a long time. It's far longer than you think. Just because you are exercising every day and counting calories does not automatically equal weight loss. You have to create a big enough difference every day between what you put in and how much you expend to start shifting that pound. And then there's the next pound. And the next. I am down 2 kilos this week (11 kilos shed in total, 9 more to go till I'm no longer obese and then some), which I'm happy with, but it has been hard graft. Anyway, it was doing the maths that made me focus. I now see it as factual science rather than a mystical process. It is helping me no end, so hopefully it will help you.

The power of the brain is phenomenal. Harness yours. Put your mind to it, mean it and you will stick to it.

See you next week to touch base! :-)

Beckipeg6lbs in reply to BigSuitcase

Thank you, thank you for replying - we've all been ill at our home and it's been a challenging time. Sorry to take so long to respond but you've really helped to keep me going. Small step for me - just to lose another pound would be great - so that's 3500 calories less to eat or exercise? Eek! Glad that I've not gained weight but no idea what I've eaten as calorie counting went out of the window. Must get back on my bike and outside walking the dog too. Programme wise I'm still at week 4 so need to print out the next week and get back into this.

BigSuitcase in reply to Beckipeg

Don't beat yourself for you and your family being ill. It happens. But you've got the right attitude; get back out there. Great that you haven't put on any weight. Yes, the 3500 number is really not a friendly number. I've just run 5 miles but that only burns a measly 700something. Not expecting a drop tomorrow morning. Sigh. Nature!

Finally 2 more kilos off. Sheesh, it's been hard. But am halfway to being only overweight, not obese. One step at a time.

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