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Lost 1 pound this week now BMI 29.34

Am 13 stone 12 pounds BMI 29.34 this Sunday according to WiiFit, down from 13 stone 13 pounds 29.5 last Sunday. Am really pleased to have got below BMI 30 and so no longer 'obese'. My goal now is to get below BMI 25 which is around 11 stone 10 pounds. If I carry on with 1 pound a week then that's about 30 weeks which is start of September.

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I love my wii fit plus...it gives me my bmi, exercises, yoga, weight, goals, fitness tips...well done losing the weight...


Congratulations :-) Keep up the fab work!!


Well done I guess you must be around 5'7" which was my goal until I was re measured at 169 cms! I started @ 14'6" jan last year and it took me till sept to reach BMI OF 25 now sitting @ 24 this was a bit of an up and down journey, I had holidays adding between 4 and 8 lbs but just kept going, I think if you search my posts you can see before and after pics,that's life, go get it


Hi Anthony2014,

Congratulations on your weight loss and also on coming down in the BMI categories, that's really great news! You're making good progress. Hope you have another good week, and you can look forward to achieving your longer term goal in September.

Lowcal :-)


Well Done! Keep it up you will get there, remember little steps and you are on your path to a achievable goal!


Well done!!

I agree that somehow it feels like a major step forward when you get out of the obese category. I had to lose about 2 stone before I was overweight instead of obese, and I can remember how proud I felt at managing to get my weight under control. It still makes me give a little smile nowadays when my Wii Fit declares that I am "ideal weight". :D

Have you been using any other Wii games? I also like Exerbeat and "Get in Shape". Although I don't use my Wii as much since I signed up for a gym membership.


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