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The demon food

With being so over weight as I seem to of been for so long, I feel that any diet is difficult as you need food to survive unlike other addictions, I class this with food. I am in a cycle of binge eating and the guilt that goes with it. I am a 48 year-old male who has been fighting food cravings most of my adult life. I know I have to make a lifestyle change but I feel as low as I can get, any words of encouragement would be a great and welcome help

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Hi, I know it is difficult, I have struggled also since I was 15 yrs old, now in my sixties. Take one day at a time, are you able to clear your cupboards and stock with healthy things. It cannot be done overnight, but a bit at a time. Are you able to join a Slimming Club, you will get plenty of support. Allow you yourself some treats to stop the cravings.

Best of Luck.


Please watch this programme which aired in August 2012 and it's changed so many lives. It was a BBC Horizon programme called Eat, Fast and Live Longer and it led to the 5:2 Diet. (http://vimeo.com/54089463)

Then, ask me any questions you may have. I lost three stone in six months and have kept it off since April, and many I know have lost far more.


i know how you feel i have 14 stone to loose and i am just about as low as you can get i so want to loose this weight i feel i am running out of time . have you anyone near you who can give you suport what area do you live i will keep in touch and maybe we can help each other


My answer is slimming world never hungry eat loads and b happy no counting no weighing pure bliss and treats if you want them every day yes you pay for classes but the support is second to none good luck on your journey x


Hi mots1965,

You're right we do need food to survive. But it's question of how much and how much of what type. And if you are signficiantly overweight, like I was, then the fact is, it is very probably because you haven't dealt properly with those issues.

Being overweight brings with it a range of health and functionality issues. I feel so much better for not having to carry around 24/7 the extra weight that I used to carry.

And whatever reason or mechanism is causing you to eat the amount and types of food that cause you to be overweight, there is help available.

For starters have a good read around the NHS live well lose weight web pages.

And don't be shy to ask your GP for help with you weight loss efforts, even if s/he doesn't provide it directly, s/he should be able to help you find the help you need.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


For me it's about change and dealing with the issues that cause me to overeat. That doesn't mean that I've solved them all, just that I won't let them rule my life. I was at my lowest point when I first lost 7 stones. It took me 25 years to put it on and 2.5 yrs to loose. Over the following 10 yrs I put half back on but am now taking it back off again. I worked a lot on my programming on how I thought about food. I look at food differently. It's taken me 1.5 yrs to get my head right to loose it again. My health issues give me more of a reason also. The cravings I've found to be habit or an addiction caused by the food I eat. Namely the unhealthy stuff and processed food. Once you cut it out you don't get the same cravings. I still eat what I want when I want but stay within allowance and exercise makes me feel good. Every journey starts with the first step and I take my hat off to every single "large" person that I seen exercising. They are the strong ones. It remains a constant battle.....


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