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2014 is the year for a new me

ive always been a "big boned" type of gal (beginning of the year I was just over 15st... and being 5'11" people say I carry it well) but this year I want to change things. I dont want to loose lots of weight just enough to feel comfortable in my own skin and regain some confidence. so I down loaded my fitness pal and each day I fill it in with calorie in take being no more than 1200 each day with limited carbs (none after lunch). I do zumba 3times a week, have made a good start on NHS couch to 5k and a body pump class too. Saturday is my rest day......but it now feels like ive hit a rut and im starting to talk myself out of things because im not seeing any weight drop off. where am I going so wrong????please help. :-(

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It sounds like you may be cutting back too far; if you feel you are making sacrifices it is unlikely you will stick to changes.

When you say Saturday is your rest day, does that go for your healthy eating too?

Since you capture everything on my fitness pal, would you mind outlining a few days typical eating (including quantities)?

One week per month, I would suggest upping your intake, not so much that you regain any weight, but enough so that your body doesn't think it's starving.

I find it's better to eat your carbs later, to facilitate replenishment while you sleep. I know there's a theory that you don't burn them while you are resting, nonetheless you recuperate while you sleep and your blood glucose runs a little higher to help put back what you've used. If you cut back too far it can affect your sleeping; the hunger will make you restless, to go and forage.

Are you eating sufficient fat? This helps release enzymes to utilise body-fat for fuel. It also helps keep insulin levels low.

Keep your carbohydrates to about a third of your daily calories, and eat low Gi to also keep insulin levels down.



I have a similar problem, I stay in my calorie count and exercise and cycle . I seem to stick at 13 stone. Be careful with your calorie count 1200 cals may be a bit low and your body may be going into starvation mode and eat your muscle to look for more cals. Are you changinging shape it nay be that you are burning fat and putting on muscle at the moment. Please do not give up there are plenty of people on here to help you,


saturday is rest day for excercise amd food. I eat what I want on this day. 1200 calorie goal is ok. I never seem really hungry.....a typical day during the week would be porridge for breakfast made with almond milk, lunch would be ryvita with houmous with cucumber or peppers,2 x easy peal oranges, dinner on a class night would be salad with either chicken or prawn cocktail and a side helping of olives. if its a run night I usually have steamed veg and fish. i like to snack on a few nuts or have a banana. my water intake isn't particularly good. anything from 1-2 ltrs a day. I never used to eat lunch so incorporating that is a huge step for me. I havent really noticed any change in body shape-jeans have got a tiny bit baggy- and thats about all. may be im expecting too much too soon.x


Hi Betcha, I would try 1400cal for a week or so (as you are a tall gel) and see if you can shake off the plateau you are on; also alternate lunch with feta and salad, or chicken & salad viz more pure protein - as changing the food you consume could also "kick-start" you getting off the plateau. I am also on a plateau at the mo - but am eating 1600 cal which is too much, but am "in control" thankfully and not pigging out, as have had lots of social outings recently...Trying also to eat fruit like an apple and blueberries daily, as these are reputed to burn up more "calories" than they actually contain? I have oatly with my morning coffee, which is filling - but sounds like your breakfast is OK? I think you may be expecting too much too soon, as this is an eating regime for life and 0.5/1kg per week is OK. I lost 2 stone last year, so think 1 stone this year will be OK - otherwise you will have lots of flab (like me!) with a quick weight loss plus the wt will start bouncing up and down. Slow is best.

Take care & good luck... M x


I'm speculating that eating freely on Saturday is slowing any weight-loss achieved in the week.

Processed carbohydrates such as ryvita are also making it difficult for you to lose body-fat, by raising your insulin levels which promotes fat storage. It doesn't matter how active you are, if you continue to eat foods that raise your insulin levels you will find it difficult to lose body-fat.


Hi, if calories are low then the body makes you feel hungry, grumpy and not in a good frame of mind...up the calories a little...and dont do to much exercise ...otherwise you will lose interest ...and give up...go slowly...exercise ..build up in so many mins per week.


I also think you're not eating enough. I lost weight using nutracheck to calorie count and exercise. Have you taken your measurements? sometimes the scales don't show a loss but you can tell by your clothes. Good luck.


that's a good thing you doing for yourself


I am losing my weight because of stress in the my home


What targets have you put into My Fitness Pal to give you such a low calorie intake? I suspect that, as a few others have said, your body is going into starvation mode. With the drastic increase in exercise, your body needs good, balanced and sufficient nutrition to function. I'm 5'7" and when I started with My Fitness Pal combines with Couch 2 5K I was 100kilos - way too high for my height, putting me in the obese section. Since starting the plan 4 weeks ago, I've lost 7kg and according to My Fitness Pal, my daily target is 1,800 kcal. I know everyone is different, and you say you don't feel hungry, but try upping your intake slightly, or altering your goals on My Fitness Pal to have a more gradual weight loss and a more sustainable lifestyle. I am by no means an expert, but if you don't think what you're doing is working, then maybe making small changed will be what's needed to kickstart all the good work you're doing and start seeing results! Good luck, and let us know how you get on :-)


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