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Week 3 of the Losing Weight - Getting Started plan

Hi all.

This week I didn't manage to lose any weight, in fact, I put on half a pound :( However, I had been pre-warned about this by one of you guys (thank you so much for that!) so it stopped me from feeling down about it for too long. With that in mind though, I did have a serious think about what I'm eating for my evening meal. As I still live at home, it's difficult to get everyone into my desire to eat healthy. I tried to convince my sister as she'd joined the gym with me but she's not quite that committed yet. This is where the support of my family really came in useful. I spoke to my Dad and he is happy for me to have a different meal to the rest of the family. I was worried because I either work late or get back from TaeKwon-Do late so cooking a decent meal for myself when I got home and settled, isn't really an option. But thankfully my Dad is pretty awesome and is fine with cooking me things like a jacket potato instead of what everyone else is having. He also helps me count my calories in the evening by looking things up so his support has been brilliant for me. I honestly can't say it enough, if you haven't told your family and friends that you're trying to lose weight or eat healthier, do it! Their support is more helpful than you think.

All was not lost this week though. Despite the very slight weight gain (which could be due to my increased exercise rather than the not so healthy dinners), I bought a pair of skinny jeans in a 14 on Saturday that I don't have to struggle into at all! In the past I've been in between a size 14 and 16 due to my legs being quite muscular and my waist being more of a 15 (which is a complete pain!). The fact that these jeans fit perfectly, and are skinny jeans as well, makes me very, very happy!

So, it's onto week 4, a third of the way through the plan and I'm feeling good! This weeks goals are to increase my exercise, including attending a workout class at the gym and to try harder to stick to the 1400 calorie limit. Wish me luck :)

Little_Miss_TKD x

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Im on 1600 calories going down to 1500 now..have started toning stomach muscles up ...that was a shock to my body to say the least....my goal to fit into swimming costume and look good for the summer...whats your goal? New dress?


That's good :) I tried going straight in at 1400, I did ok to start with but struggled last week. Haha, my body was a bit shocked with my gym workout, I ached a lot after my first session! My goal is simply to be happy in myself. I've been unhappy with my weight for a long time and I've finally got the motivation to do something about it and stick to it. I'm only a third of the way through the plan and I'm already feeling happier in myself :)

Little_Miss_TKD x


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