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How To Get Motivated And Remain Motivated?

For many years I have always struggled with my weight as I have the tendency to loose motivation very quickly. This has resulted in constant fluctuations of my weight and i have never fully reached my goal. I have tried many diets and for a short term quick- fix you see a quick weight loss, however evidently this is not sustainable in the long term. Currently i have lost 14 pounds due to a healthy eating programme focusing on 'feeling fuller for longer' consisting of unrefined carbohydrates, lean meats, and plentiful fruit and vegetables while tracking using MyFitnesspal. Also i have taken up running and go 5 days a week early in the morning. However, over the past couple of days i haven't been feeling as motivated as i have been and i'm worried that i will ruin all my hard work. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how they keep motivated? Thanks!

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Well done losing 14 pounds...try joining a fitness class or zumba..or even a fitness dvd..keep your self busy...give yourself a goal target...a new outfit...or pamper day...


I can tell you that the fastest way to deplete your body of fat soluble vitamins (not good) is to consume lean protein. You should always eat the fat that accompanies protein in nature.

You may be depleting your glycogen stores which will lower your blood glucose and make you crave carbohydrates. You may benefit from running less frequently. Running every-other day allows for recovery of physiological systems too; running every day risks suppressing the immune system for instance.

Make sure you don't overdo the fruit too. Fructose glycosylates haemoglobin (making blood sticky) seven times more than glucose. Also fructose's sweetness stimulates the appetite but doesn't satisfy the hormones that satiate hunger.

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I have set up a scrap book with photos from about 4 years ago when I was 11st (I'm now 13st 7lbs). I still have a lot of the clothes and I took some photos of just how far they are from fitting me now. It's a little harder to eat a chocolate bar when seeing right in front on me what I have done to myself over the last 4 years by doing just that. I used to have these photos on my kitchen cupboards. I also think setting yourself mini targets and non food rewards can be a good motivator too.


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