Hello all :)


I am starting my wight loss program today. This includes simple diet, yoga and the Couch to 5K Program.

Have started on these programs several times in the past but always gave up as my weight loss was super slow owing to my PCOS. And asthma

But this time, I have decided not to allow any of this to pull me down.

Looking forward to interacting with all of you. Hope to share my experiences and learn from yours :)​


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17 Replies

  • Welcome aboard, I started in earnest yesterday. Did Couch to 5k a while back and was amazed at being able to get through to the end by just determinedly pushing through the tough weeks - well worth the effort and great sense of achievement. Sadly, for me, I couldn't keep it up so I'm now working on a series of Pilates exercises to strengthen my spine.

    Hope we'll all be able to encourage each other to keep going and make healthy eating a habit.

  • Certainly!

    The idea is to push oneself. It has a lot to do with the mind, I think. The body will then have to listen to it.

    Its easier said that done, but then weight loss was never easy :P

  • I've been doing it for 3 weeks. I'm enjoying it. Starting to see and feel the benefits. Good luck.

  • I'm a couple of days in, already feel lighter! Good luck :-)

  • Hi if I can do it so can you. ny secret is to eat salad twice and week and eat normally the rest of the week. Eat alot of fruit and no takeaways. It works, good luck.

  • Thank you for the tip! Will do - and salads work well for me as I am vegetarian, and primarily a rice eater. And I reaalllly need to cut down my rice intake.


  • Thanks, you guys!

    Its good to be able to talk about it with people who are also in the same boat :)

    Good luck to us all. Will come back and post my progress :)

  • Have a good day..how much do you weight today...and how much do you want to lose...?

  • I am 23. I am 5 ft tall and weigh 72 kilograms, thats 150 pounds. And I aim to shed at least 20 kilos, thats 44 pounds. Its a long way ahead... I hope to not falter or give up this time around.

  • Hi there

    I am on week 4 of the plan,I seem to be doing ok so far,I guess it's just a matter of sticking with it as I know your enthusiasm dwindles as the weeks go by,the sense of achievement at the end though is well worth it,my brother has suffered very badly for years with asthma so I can appreciate where you are coming from,I also suffer from fertility problems so I know it can be tough at times,stick with it though,we are all here to support you xxx

  • Thank you so much! And I too hope to support you as you fight and overcome your troubles :)

  • Hi All

    Iv printed off the 12 week guide but sadley it doesnt come with an motivation that I can use....Oh yes im supposed to be motavated..... well Im not, Im just flat and thats flat by the way not fat.. but alas Im that too! Iv 4st 7lbs to lose but with out that possitive attitude Im not going to get very far. Oh well maybe this may help, any way I do hope you all succeed with what your hoping to acheive......... Ill get back to you when I have got a better frame of mind.

  • I understand the frustration, Cando. I do.. with my PCOS it a herculean task to shed even a few pounds. But, I too am trying to stay positive, and shift my focus from weight loss to fitness :) Hope we will all get there!

  • A voice in the darkness.... thank's, your response has made me feel connected and not alone on my journy. yes in deed hope is a good thing to have and I will use it to start again today to make some in roads to the healther, lighter me. I dont know what PCOS is but Im well aquainted with difficulties so from that point I understand. Once again thank you, may your day go well for you.

  • Hi there, speaking for myself I really find that the (newish) routine of exercise has made me feel happier and lighter of spirit too, plus the added bonus of knowing I am reducing my risk of getting ill further down the line. I hope you feel the benefits soon too. Best wishes!

  • Hi earl grey

    There have been a few posts on here about losing weight when you have PCOS. Has your doctor given you any advice?

    A low carb diet is often recommended to help reduce insulin in the body, lose weight and counteract the problems of PCOS. This is a past post with some links which I hope may be of some help. Good luck.


    (I've put this on your other post!)

  • Thanks Penel! Yes, I am following a low carb diet, but perhaps I need to tighten it a bit. Doctor's advice was simple - lose weight with diet and exercise. When I visited my doc, my lifestyle was highly sedentary. I have made changes now, I make sure to exercise well and stay active on a regular basis. Well.. as much as work/time permits. :)

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