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Week 1 Day 1 who left those pistachio nuts there?

Having committed to do this last week and started the calorie count last Friday I got out the tape measure and scales to take down the vital statistics. A stone and a half to go to get to the top end of a healthy weight. During the weekend we were away but I'd managed to stay just about within budget and a little smug. Today was a nice light breakfast, nice calorie controlled lunch before settling down to work at the computer. Alas the bag of pistachios left over from Christmas was close by and before I knew it I had scoffed the lot. Out with MyFitnessPal to record the deed and horrified to see I had munched my entire day's calorie allowance and more in one absent minded sitting.

Collected my Wheels2Work bike today - think I better work out the long way there tomorrow - perhaps I should be doing the 5:2 diet and make tomorrow my fast day to try and compensate a bit? Problem then is I'm likely to get very grumpy and end up scoffing even more. Grrrr. Need to break my absent minded snacking and comfort eating habits.

Glad to have found this group and appreciate the encouraging posts. Thanks.

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Hi Beckipeg,

Absolutely! Beware the "mindless munching" (whilst on the laptop, watching TV, etc.). Remember you eat with your eyes too. And you'll eat less if you actually mentally "register" what you eat rather than just shoving it in on autopilot! Break off from what you're doing and 'make a meal' of what you're eating.

And nuts can be very high calorie - I know I was shocked the first time I looked more carefully at the packaging on some cashew nuts.

This mentally registering sort of an approach can take a number of forms. Slowing down your eating works, because it gives your body more time to register that it's full, so you're less likely to overeat. (There is some sense in that old chew every mouthful 32 times thing!) But - perhaps more easy to do - you don't HAVE to have your main course immediately after your starter, nor the desert immediately after the main course. Spacing it out a bit will probably leave you feeling fuller.

Also, if possible, at meal times put the extras and the seconds out of sight (and reach), perhaps left in the kitchen or on the side, but not left on the meal table. That way, you would have to get up and go and get them (a deliberate act) rather than just stretch you arm out for some more.

Knowledge is a powerful thing, and noticing how you're putting in those extra calories empowers you by giving you the opportunity to deal with the issue.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


Thank you! Just sllooowwly munched through my fig and chick pea wrap only to realise just how many calories are in the bread wrap :( Still need to get to grips with just how many calories are in my food. No wonder I'm fat. Those nuts are well and truly gone and not coming back. Think I need to find a slim young thing to give the Christmas chocs to :)


Hello there well done for starting when you go to the shops don't buy the snacks and buiscuits go a walk to your local fruit and veg shop every day or two and get plenty of fruit have a plate of cut up apples or oranges if you feel like a snack and have them also the walk ther will burn of a few cals I walk to town every other day and get some fresh fruit , and I love nuts but they are teaming with cals got to give them up all the best with the weight loss


Encouraged to find a satsuma for pudding. Love stopping to get lovely fresh fruit and veg but I usually have my daughter with me and she loves biscuits in her lunchbox. To be fair, she just loves food. Tall, slim and incredibly fit. Last night I served up my carefully calorie counted meal to everyone and found her half an hour later making fried eggy bread to fill up as she was so hungry. Offering her fruit to fill up on didn't get a great response.

Need to keep battling on, and for the first time I feel like this might be the way ahead, thank you to everyone nudging me forward.


Second thoughts, I'm not really hungry - I'll save that satsuma for my school run snack :)

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