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I'd like to lose about a stone and a half this year, and after several false starts have decided that I'm really going to go for it now! I'm planning to start properly, but decided I needed the motivation and support of others in the same boat! Unless I know I've got to tell others how successful I've been/not been, I know I won't keep going!

Any tips before I get started properly to help keep me on the straight and narrow?

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Its taken me...on and off 3 months...had a break through christmas then back to healthy eating in jan...have lost 11 lbs in total..first few weeks were tough and nearly gave up....keep going...have put 1lb on one week and 1lb offf the following week.my advice dont give up....dont reduce your calories to much...drink tea and extra water if you feel hungry...and if you fancy choc or biscult, have one, dont feel guilty...extra salad and veg with a main meal...im hoping to lose another 11lb by the summer..so in total 22lb aiming for...



I still have a bit to go but started with the 12 week plan. I find that using smaller plates, portion controlling, not getting too hungry and increasing exercise works for me. It is also a big boost when clothes become too big and people start noticing!

Good luck


Welcome from me too - this is my first week and I've the same amount to lose. Let's hope we've good news to share as the weeks go by.


Hi, I'm starting to try and lose as well,I have about 6stone to lose but am trying not up get disheartened with the amount and taking it 1 Ibs at a time! Xx


Me too! First weigh in on Wednesday! Good luck!


I started 4 wks ago and losing weight gradually. The first two wks was a little hard, getting used to 1400 cals a day but I'm fine now and really enjoy doing my workouts. 1st 7lbs is not a tremendous amount to lose, but this can be slower to come off so just stick with it and try to be content with steady weight loss over the 12 wks. All the best!


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