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Stressful Day!

To all who have a had a stressful. day and still managed to be good, my respects! Had a horrible day. Found

myself reaching for chocolate and the first time in 4 weeks abusing food. Caught myself using food to alleviate stress. So managed to stop myself before having a complete disaster. Scary to be in that position again. Feel like going for a jog but too tired from yesterday's run.

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Aww I'm really sorry you've had a bad day that's rubbish :( On the possitive side, it's fantastic that you managed to stop yourself before going all out on the food that is a huge step as I know how incredibly difficult it is! Don't worry you're doing fantastically don't give up now you're doing great!And I hope tomorrow looks up for you! x


Hi Asylum,

Hey, don't beat yourself up too much about it, old habits, as they say, do die hard.

I'd say the thing is to find an alternative way of dealing with your stressful times other than reaching for the chocolate. Perhaps that's the time to do something active like the gym or swimming, or jogging or whatever. Or perhaps, if it stays for the time being as a food solution, you could swap the chocolate for something somewhat less calorific, but still rather tasty?

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Need to find alternatives as you recommend. Cheers.


yep think we all have bad days and bad weeks but life is journey" try and stay positive if not just get back on it when your ready and go again but learn to deal with your emotions so you be come stronger and wiser only you can get to the end of the journey..........:-)


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