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4th week after W.L.C. Back on the downward trend :-)

Well after last week's MASSIVE gain ( The size of which I'm still not yet ready to divulge) I've managed to shed 5 lbs.

This goes to show that if you don't let the grass grow under your feet ( or the fat grow around your midriff) you can quickly rectify any slip ups.

It's easy to let wight gains get you down but if you get straight back onto the wagon it soon comes off again.

I am a totally changed person since I started my W.L. journey 3 years ago. My approach is it's a life style change and life is going to happen around my slimming aims. Last Monday I laughed out loud while on the scales at Boots, I was so shocked. What I wasn't, was; ashamed or guilty or even disheartened, and look! it's nearly all back off.

Hurray :-)

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Well done. Good attitude to your gain.


Thanks Windswept. The fact that it's nearly all off helps :-)


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