#WLC Week 5 - Monday weigh-in

Morning weight loss club members!

Welcome to #WLC W5 weigh-in. Nearly half way there! This week is all about liquid calories. If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve not been losing weight even after sticking to a strict eating regime, now’s the time to see if that regular latte, flavoured water or evening tipple is sabotaging your best efforts to lose weight.

Use this blog to share:

-your up-to-date weight status

-any weight loss achievements

-stories of resilience and self-determination

-any food and/or activity slip ups

-your goals for the coming week

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21 Replies

  • Pleased to report a loss of 4lb after gaining some weight last week. I lost 10lb in a month :) chuffed to bits. Running is definitely keeping me going and despite several birthdays and parties my willpower has held up (so far). I can't wait to duck under the 12st mark (3lb required), I reckon that might take a couple of weeks but that's my next goal. Bring on Feb!

  • I've lost almost 4lbs this week so overall 5.8 lbs (had a 2lb gain last week following my birthday week plus not being able to run due to injury). Also, I've just sneaked under 11st by 0.2 of a lb for the first time in over 2 years!! Hopefully can get back to running soon but just doing strength.exercise at the mo so I don't get injured again. Good luck everyone!

  • #WLC week 5

    Boo hoo...stayed the same...lost 9 pounds in four weeks so I suppose that's ok, but I am disappointed!

  • Gained a pound after a disastrous weekend :-( will work very hard this week to compensate....

  • Missed last week's weigh in & gained 1lb over the 2 weeks :0( Not surprised though, I've eaten irregularly & often badly over the last week whilst looking after a poorly son. BUT back to work/nursery tomorrow with good intentions!!! I find it much easier to stick to healthy eating at work so hope to get back into my stride over the next few days :0)

  • Yes, I have lost 0.4 Kg this week, so that is 2 Kg in the first 5 weeks. I've been thinking of things that weigh less than two kilos, eg. a bag of flour is 1.5Kg, which means that I have lost more than one bag of flour. Just 18 Kg to go:(, but looking on the brightside at least I've got back onto the losing side again. Next time I weigh in I want to be less than 80Kg, into the seventies please.

  • Slightly sad that I stayed the same this week but after a few naughty treats I guess im grateful I didn't put any on. I've still lost 6lb so far and am determined to have a better week.

  • Have steadied after being up and then down all week. Exercising more and eating ok. Down 1 lb. Work is turning really stressful so getting harder not to binge! Down 8lbs since starting and can now jog 20mins from zero. Hoping to loose at least 1.5 stone by my 40th in May! got 3stone to shed this year. Gud luck all for the week ahead.

  • Hi lost 2lbs this week, very please with that after remaining the same last week. Well done everyone who has lost and better luck next week if you have had a bit of a gain. Keep going everyone it is worth it!

  • No weight loss this week, although I expected that with two social occasions. However had a bit of a consolation prize with another 1/2 inch off the waist. Hoping to be able to report a loss next week - fingers crossed!

  • Wow! 1/2 inch loss is fab. :-)

  • I have lost 2lbs this week - so happy!!!

  • #WLC week5. Happy with a 1lb loss this week. I've emptied the cupboards and fridge of all tempting unhealthy stuff and generally being more careful planning main meals etc and having more fruit, veg. and salads.

  • Another 0.5 kg lost this week ,so that's a total of 2kilos since the start...I'm happy with that :)

  • Hurrah! Finally lost 1lb this week. First loss in 3 weeks. Throughout January I only had one alcoholic drink (a pint of cider when I went for a night out), and only 2-3 cups of basic tea/coffee each day so I'm not drinking 'hidden' calories. In any case, I log everything on MFP and am very strict! I hope I am back on the weight loss track now, but am seriously giving 5:2 some consideration (if it would be okay with my digestive issues).

  • Well done on this weeks loss - hopefully you're on a roll now! Good luck

  • #WLC Week 5- I am still at 10 st 1. I usually exercise Mon-Thursday, but didn't have a good day today and didn't go..but I have still eaten well so haven't gained. So not going to let it upset me.

  • Hello is it possible that I can join this, a bit late I know. At the moment I am doing a diets don't work 12 week course with our local authority so this would tie in really well. I think we're on week 5 going into 6. So if's it's ok I'll put my weight loss on torrow 10th Feb ??

  • I think tomorrow will be week 6 weigh in, not sure whether I'm looking forward to it :( See you there.

  • Just make sure you don't have anything heavy in your pockets when you jump on the scales. That's always my excuse : )

  • Finally, a flicker on the scales: 2 kilos off, bringing my lard loss to 9 kg so far. 11 more to go. Come on, people, we are all helping each other to get where we want to be. Let's do it!

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