Hey Guys :) Does anyone fancy buddying up and messaging each other to keep each other motivated? :)

I'm a newbie here but this looks like a fantastic website! I suffer from bulimia but I'm really hoping that the community support and structured plans will help me lose a bit of weight and get back on track with my life :) I currently weigh 11.5 stone. I have a gym subscription but really need to become motivated and use it! If anybody would like to join me in supporting each other that would be fantastic :)

Thanks, R x


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  • Hi, I want to buddy up :) I'm not too sure how this works so I will try my best. Im 21 and 13 stone, need to get this off for my holiday in May so i'm comfortable with a beach body. I am a gym member and have decided to try and get there at least twice a week. The only thing that is a major issue for me is the tuck shop at work... I sit there bored and eat. I do try but the chocolate ends up winning. :(

  • Hey :) Aw great thank you! Ugh I know the feeling it's really tough :/ - I know this sounds kinda sad but for me it's just ahah sounds stupid but I just like the feeling of munching on stuff so have you tried taking in like some fruit or veg or some sugar free chewing gum to take your mind off stuff? x

  • Hi there

    I,d like to buddy up with you,my names Jo,I have suffered with bulimia myself many years ago so I know where you're coming from,this is my third week on this forum and I have found it fantastic,the people on here are really nice and the support I have had is amazing,we are more or less the same weight as well,I'm 11 stone,it's just great when you're feeling unsure of yourself or a bit down in the dumps to know that there is someone there you can turn to so lets hope this is the start of a great friendship for us both!speak soon xx

  • Hey Jo,

    My name's Roberta :)

    Aw that's great thank you so much! It's really good actually isn't it I've only just discovered it the other day but it's fantastic :)

    Aww yeah definately that's so sweet thank you! That sounds great it's really hard when personally I have nobody really I can talk to this about so it means a lot! Woo! :P xx

  • Yeah count me in too, i'm in week 5 of the NHS weight loss programme, i'm incredibly active but like food a lot, not neccessarily bad food but all kinds. I've canned gym memberships about 7 years ago but love all outdoor activites and try to keep them up all year round. The problem I have is I know i'm boring my work colleagues with talking about exercize and losing weight so need other to chat to. I started at 105.5kg (I have alway thought 3 figures is too much). With the christmas period and the arrival of our first daughter last August i have put on too much so started the NHS weight loss programme with the aim to get back into a healthy BMI range!!. I'm in week 5 at the moment and have lost about 7.8kg so far which i'm happy about but need support to keep it going!!

  • Sounds very similar to me. I started at 100kg and am down to 93 (My scales aren't as detailed as yours - maybe I should invest in a digital set?) I'm not doing the Weight Loss programme, but I'm doing Couch25K and I'm also in Week 5 (big run tomorrow, which is scary!!) Would be great to follow each other's progress :-) Keep up the good work!!

  • Cheers support is good. I've got digital scales by default but they are good, take a bit longer as you have to step on them to turn them on, wait for them to zero and then step on them to measure which takes 2-3 seconds. Whats a big run, and what have you been doing so far? How long have you been running? I've been running for about 12 years and done various distances and i'm pretty sure you can do them all, my advice is build up slowly and listen to your body. Don't worry too much about Couch25 if its hurting stop and do less and then build up again. Last year I had quite a sore knee and kept on running on it completing a triathlon and 18 mile obstacle course race both of which put the repair back by about 6 months. I've recently hurt the other one and have learnt from my experience, i've got the bike out and am cycling at the moment during lunch periods (Due to light outside) and straight after work if there is time. The difference between running and biking is enormous, with running you can't help but burn a lot of calories, but with bike you need to climb hills to burn the calories.

  • Wow - now I feel a little silly!! My 'big' run tomorrow is for 20 mins!! So not a patch on your previous achievements! Maybe I'll get to do something like that one day!! Maybe I'll have a look for some digital scales. You know, so that I can start counting 0.5kg losses (at the moment I can only really see full kilo losses)! My aim is to get down to 70kg by the end of this year, so I'm thrilled to have lost 7kg already :-) Do you have a goal weight? And how are you finding the weight loss programme - I've heard lots of good things about it!

  • Sorry didn't mean to brag or be big headed there, if you want to you can build up too. If you can't read down to 0.5kg I think the investment in a set of digital scales is worth it. I got mine from Aldi for about £5.99 about 6-7 years ago and they are still going strong. My aim is to get down to 85kg but no real timescale. I'd definately do the NHS weight loss programme it does help. I know there are apps out there and you can do it with a little note pad, but i'm logging calories by spreadsheet and its good to see the graph going the right way. I've noticed quite a bit of difference with the 7.5kg i've lost so far as you probably have too, its easier to climb stairs and less hassle doing exercise etc..

  • Oh I know - you should be proud of what you've achieved :-) I think I'll keep a look out for some digital scales! Currently out of the UK, so still getting used to the best places to buy things! I'll have more in depth look at the NHS programme. In combination with the Counch 2 5k, it might help really see results. I'm losing each week, but it tends to be easier at the start and then your weight begins to plateau a little! But I'm sure I'll get there eventually! Yes, I've noticed the difference. It's great the see that my jeans are a little looser already!

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