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why has my weight loss stopped, how can i speed it up again?

Hi guys i have been dieting for 5 weeks now and I'm on a vegetarian diet but i eat boiled chicken, My diet consists of veg and corn and fruit through out the day, I also work out 5 days a week twice a day (also pole dance) and i lost a stone (hurray) but its now stopped could it be my scales because my body is changing but the weight isn't, can someone please help me :(

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Your body works to keep a constant internal environment (homeostasis). It will slow your metabolism to conserve energy in order to achieve this. Also, as you lost weight, you could have lost muscle which means your resting metabolic rate will have lowered so that you don't burn as many calories at rest. Losing weight also means that you are having to 'carry' less during activity, reducing the intensity and energy expenditure.

Some might say that you could be building muscle whilst losing fat, so your weight won't change much. However, building muscle isn't that easy, and certainly wouldn't be sustainable for long without some form of high-intensity resistance exercise. The long and short of it is that you need to change what you're eating to compensate for your changing body composition. Eat low GI carbs, but restrict your fructose intake because it glycosylates haemoglobin seven times as much as glucose. Eat about a gramme of protein per kilogramme of bodyweight, and adjust for your weight lost. Eat unprocessed fats such as coconut, nuts, and palm oil.


Hi lilyannsmummy12,

Most people's weight loss journeys have their blips and spurts and plateaux.

The process of a human body losing weight is actually quite complex, though the general overiding principles aren't really.

Many factors can have an effect upon your hormones which are, basically, the mechanisms that control processes such as fat burning, fat storage, sense of satiation, feelings of hunger, and many many other processes within the body.

Most of the hormone changes that have occurred to deal with your excessive body weight can be reversed by either reducing body weight or increasing your exercise/activity levels.

But body's do take a bit of time to adapt to changes. And also, a lighter body mass needs less maintenance calories than a heavier one.

I'd suggest just keeping to what you're doing in the main. It may well be a stall and may sort itself out. Things like sleeplessness, stress, an infection like a cold or flu, can knock the weight loss off of course for a few days, so see if in a week or so you start losing weight again.

If not perhaps fine tune your current regime to reduce your calorie intake a little more. If that pushes you into losing weight faster than about 1 Kg a week over the following 2 or 3 weeks, then add back in those calories in whole or part.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


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