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Starting again :(

So I got through the first two weeks and it was great, dropped 5kg and was feeling really motivated but then my whole office came down with a virus and that was it, motivation gone! Chips crept back in, then chocolate! So desperate to loose this weight but can never keep the motivation :( so Monday should be week 5 but I'm going back to week one and going for it again! Any tips for staying motivated?!

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It's happened to me too! I think the thing to do is to recognise that old eating habits die hard and there will be times when we lose track for a bit. However that doesn't mean we should give up. We're as capable as anyone else of eating sensibly and being a healthy weight. We are not doomed to fail!

Forget the blip. It just means it'll take a little longer to reach your goal.

This may sound a bit odd but I'm going to think of my body as a precious object that needs nurturing. I wouldn't give a baby or a pet food that was bad for it so why do that to myself?

Think of it as a project, not to lose weight but to restore your body to it's proper state. The weight will come off as a consequence.

Good luck to us both!


Habits of any kind are easier to follow than to change. It takes work to change behaviour from the present default to something else. I know this really and yet have allowed myself to become despondent and eat more than I should have this week. Thank you for your lovely philosophy. I shall copy it out and stick it to the fridge.


Fantastic reply and one I'm going to try and commit to memory. (Once I've climbed back on the wagon again) I'm giving myself a weeks prep time and kicking off next week (again)! but hopefully not (again and again). All the best!


If I could 'like' your comment u would! Thank you, starting over tomorrow, jumped on the scales and I'm still 3kg lighter than I was 4 weeks ago so it wasn't a complete waste of time! When I'm in the right state of mind I like to think exactly as you have said, that my body doesn't deserved the crap I'm feeding it, just very hard when you're a married mum of one because there's a lot of temptation! Good luck to you too!


Yeah...happened to me...had cold after christmas...felt depressed eat crap..and felt worse...the following week..back to eating better...have got fitness dvd...love it...


Well done for losing weight ...keep going...whats your bmi now?


Thank you, my BMI is now 27.4... So a way to go and what bothers me most is that when I was 18 weeks pregnant my BMI was 24! My daughter will be 3 next month and I've just never bothered to loose the weight. Hoping that upping my exercise this week will help!


My bmi today is 25.82...getting there slowly...hoping to get into swimming costume this year !!!...ive started exercise to 5 days of 30 mins ...


I personally wouldn't say 'i failed so I'm starting again'. I have done this lots in the past and every time I did I felt like a failure, life is hard and there will always be times when we have blips but that doesn't mean you have failed, you have recognised your mistakes and you are one step nearer being a strong person able to achieve what you want. Not usually one for mumbo jumbo but I find once I think I've failed I set a different start date and continue to eat rubbish until then, by accepting that we all struggle and every so often we might have a terrible day/weekend I find it much easier to try and undo my mistakes and am really good for the next few days which ultimately has to be better for me. Sorry just thought I'd share my opinion :-) :-)


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