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Have just joined as I really need to get my weight down. I lost a stone last year and half a stone has crept back on again, I know why - chocolate! I would rather eat a bar of chocolate than a meal. So, now I need to be really sensible, hard when you are in your late sixties!

2014 might finally be the year when I shed the three stone that I should have lost many years ago.


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  • Hi this is my first post here too. Good luck with the weight loss. I know how frustrating it can be. I lost three stones a year ago and have managed to put it all back on. So annoyed at myself! I'm going to follow the nhs 12 week plan in the hope that it will help me make the lifestyle change that I need.

  • Thanks. Good luck with yours as well. It seems to be so easy to put weight on and so hard to lose it (in theory that is). Luckily I live on my own, so the only time I get tempted is when I walk into a shop that sells chocolate, so I will steer clear of those at the moment.

  • Try eating foods that satiate your appetite so that you can avoid the temptation of chocolate. Eat low GI carbohydrates especially vegetables, but not too much fructose, that makes your blood sticky. Eat unprocessed foods such as sensible amounts of cheese or coconut cream that provide the texture without the addictive sweetness of chocolate. All kinds of meat, liver, kidney, eggs, fish, and seafoods with the accompanying natural fats will help satisfy your appetite for longer.

  • Thanks. I am working my way through a recipe book so that I can buy the correct things when I go out on Monday. Haven't had liver for years so that is a good idea.

  • Hi Silver123

    You've started a number of us who are new to the site joining in the conversation, so thank you! I have a recipe for liver you may enjoy. It's a variation on a Delia - cut the liver in to finger sized strips, dry fry until the blood shows, turn and when the blood starts to run, remove at once from the pan. Add chopped mushrooms and again fry lightly. Add a little half-fat cream and swirl in pan to make a sauce. Return liver to pan to heat through and serve with a jacket potatoe (or if your calories allow, rice. Enjoy!

  • ooh, thanks for that recipe, that sounds really good. Will let you know when I have tried it.

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