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3rd week after WLC


Well, I got weighed on Monday as usual... and I don't even dare write down what the scales read. Needless to say I had a brilliant weekend at at the Great British Rock and Blues Festival.

When I have lost this added weight I will reveal what it was.

You will be shocked at the amount one person can gain in one wild week-end!

Anyway I'm not really concerned. My lifetime change is complete and I know I will get rid of the weight plus more, I'm already back on track.

I have no intention of being ruled by my regime so much as to miss out on fun times. I know by previous experience this can lead to self loathing and misery.

So I'll check in next week and continue to enjoy my new found food confidence.

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Nice to see someone not berating themselves for letting their hair down, I think we forget this is a life style change not a short term fix and I'm sorry but I want to enjoy my life , not live feeling guilty and unless you have the most hectic amazing social life then you should be able to enjoy the special occasions without sabotaging all your hard work . Glad you had fun


My sentiments exactly lorary. If like me you're in it for the long haul, it's counterproductive to get hung up on the lapses. This, in my opinion is where most weight loss clubs fail their members, they make people feel guilty about having a good time instead of simply supporting them as they get stuck back into the job in hand. :-)


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