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#WLC Week 4

I have to admit that I have put on 200g this week. It was all that I had lost the previous week, so I'm back at the end of week 2 amount. I feel desperate. I have exactly 18 Kg to lose and it is not happening at the moment. I keep having hypos and keep having to eat extra carbs to counteract the hypos. Yesterday an ambulance was called to where I was as I was hypoglycaemic. The problem is I produce too much insulin all the time, and therefore I'm struggling to lose the weight as I need to keep on eating. I am seeing a dietitian on 26th Feb, who will hopefully help, but I need to also show her that I'm losing weight (or so said the Dr). :( M.

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#WLW Week 4

Lost the 2&1/2 pounds I gained the week before. Back on track.


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