Week 2 of the Losing Weight - Getting Started plan

So I've just finished my second week of the NHS 12 week plan. I lost 2.5lbs this week and an inch and a half off my waist, so it's safe to say that I am a happy bunny! My boyfriend was visiting this weekend and he said he could see the change and also liked that I'm becoming happier in myself. Even if it's slowly at the moment, you have to start somewhere! His support is really helpful when I'm struggling to stick to my diet and he's really proud of what I've already managed to achieve in just two weeks. For any dieters out there who are struggling, the support from a loved one, family member or friend is a huge help! If you haven't told anyone yet that you're on a diet or even that you're trying to be healthier, I highly recommend it. Telling people keeps you motivated to prove that you can do it, they're able to give you support and advice if you're struggling at all and you can share your achievements with them too.

I joined the gym last week as well, I have my first of 5 induction appointments tomorrow which help them come up with a plan that's right for me. All their fitness classes are included in the price as well so I can give them all a try and see if I enjoy any of them. Having set classes really helps me get motivated with exercise, trying to tackle it on my own is where I start having problems. My sister has joined with me though so hopefully we'll be able to motivate each other to go if we just want a blast in the gym, rather than a class.

The end of this week has been a little difficult, I did sway from my diet a little and eat some chocolate (oops) but I did at least only allow myself a small amount. I've changed some of the foods I'm going to eat this week so hopefully that will keep me interested and motivated but most importantly, away from the chocolate!!

That's week 2, check in next week to see how I got on with week 3 :)

To all my fellow dieters out there: Keep going! Even small achievements are achievements, you can do this!

Little_Miss_TKD x


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10 Replies

  • Good work, myself and the other half both started our new healthy lifestyle 2 weeks ago. Due to an eye operation before Christmas, I am unable to drive so walking to and from work each day. Together with having fabby healthy food, I have managed to shed a staggering 10lbs!

    I have 50lbs to lose in total, but know that my weight loss will now be 1-2lbs per week!

    Good luck to all those on the journey!

  • Thanks :) That's amazing! Well done!

    I've lost 7.5lbs so far but I also know that I'll be losing 1-2lbs a week from now on. It's a good piece of information to know as I know in the past I would have been disappointed at losing so little every week, I now know that that is the healthy rate to lose weight at.

    Good luck with your weight loss :)

    Little_Miss_TKD x

  • Hi there

    Really enjoyed your post as it was very honest but still positive,you are definitely right about family and friends support,mine have seen me at most lowest and highest weight over the years and have always been there for me,I have clothes from a size 10 to a size 18 like a lot of people on here probably,well lots of luck at the gym,I'm sure you will keep getting great results x

  • Thanks :) I think having support is a huge factor contributing to success in weight loss, it helps so much! Especially when you're having a bad day with it.

    Little_Miss_TKD x

  • Well done :-) a warning about week 3 majority of people seen no result or major slow down in week 3 so don't get alarmed or disheartened in case that happens :-) good luck with it :-)

  • Thank you so much for this warning! I didn't lose anything this week but knowing this really helped me not get disheartened about it :)

    Little_Miss_TKD x

  • Oh i am glad that this was useful... i found this weeks weighting challenging as well but that was mainly due to the really bad weekend away that i had :-) so weighting on Monday did not go that well! From now on it will really slow down and it will be much less of a loss on a weekly basis, so first couple of weeks are the most exciting and this is due to the body making adjustments! i think it is still worth it long term as we are all developing healthier habits, so i think weekly weighting is just there to keep us in check , but the most important is what we managed to achieve in 12 weeks overall and hopefully beyond that!!! :-) how is your gym situation looking like? :-) x

  • Keep working hard and I'm sure your weigh ins will be great :) I expected it to slow down so thankfully it's not too much of a shock. I'm only half way through this week and I'm already feeling good about the weigh in. Fingers crossed that the weigh in actually shows that haha. The weekly weigh ins give me a short term goal to reach every week which helps keep me motivated. I find that they help a lot! The gym is good, I did my workout class today which was fun and have an appointment with a gym instructor tomorrow to review my plan and make any changes :)

    Little_Miss_TKD x

  • Sounds like you're going great guns! It's good that your sister is going with you as that will help your motivation if you don't feel like going some time! I can't wait til I'm a couple of weeks in and starting to see some results! x

  • Thanks :) I'm feeling pretty good about it so far and I'm halfway through week 6. It has been really helpful, we push each other to go and discuss the different things that our instructors have given us to do. That feeling is great, just remember that after a few weeks everything tends to slow down and you don't such a big or obvious change. Keep at it though because you will see the benefits eventually!

    Little_Miss_TKD x

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