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weigh in after week 1

have stuck to staying around 1300 cals a day, had an horrendous weekend and was hitting 1600 cals, got on the scales this morning, and have lost 2lbs, so really pleased because i thought i had really sabotaged my first week. finding it useful to write every thing i eat down, and why, was interesting when i reached for a biscuit and asked myself did i really need it, if so why, it certainly showed where my empty calories that have helped put on weight were coming from. hope everyone has a good week x

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That sounds like a good idea. I know food diaries are very helpful but I've never thought about asking Why? That should help in understanding the 'emotions' side of eating. I will start to do that too. Thank you for the tip - and GOOD LUCK next week! Very well done for last week too!


Well done. I am planning to diet Monday - Friday and will be allowing myself a couple of extra treats at the weekend.....not too many though! I am only on week one and want to lose a stone in about 12 - 16 weeks so it should hopefully be achievable with a little more exercise and slightly less food!


good luck smileysarah, thats hope fully what i want to lose as well, if i can lose 1-2lbs a week i will be happy


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