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Couch to 5k NHS plan

I'm very heavy and wondered if there are fellow 6-8 stone overweight people have tried the couch to 5k plan.

Ideally, once my gym membership expires (I've a yearly rate) I'd like to take my exercise workouts outside and for free meaning doing runs outdoors. Since I'm 7stone overweight I'm concerned about my joints trying to do the program and if you've tried it might be able to give some pointers..


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Hi Seelenn

I started run/walking when I was 6 stone overweight and was fine. If you do couch to 5k or any other run/walk plan you will need to take it slowly though, progress will be slower than someone who is not overweight (sorry if that is stating the obvious). You will have good days and bad days as well but as long as you get out there and do it you will improve and the sense of achievement is fab. From my experience doing core and leg strengthening exercises, lots of stretching after your runs and having a good pair of trainers all make a difference. The only time I had a problem with my knees I solved it by trying different running shoes.

I ran/walked a 10k trail race last year when I was still 4 stone overweight. I was very slow, especially as the weather was awful, but didn't come last and I absolutely loved it.

I would give it a go and see how you get on, just don't try to do too much too soon. There are loads of websites/apps where you can map you runs and log your progress which is really encouraging. I use good run guide which you pay a small amount for but lots of them are free. Good Luck. Liz


Thanks very much for the advice, I've got good shoes that are super comfy so that'll help from your advice. I'm doing the NHS plan downloads from thier website, good thinking taking it slow, perhaps having week 1 twice and listen to my body.

It's good to know someone else has done it and achieved awesome things, helps spurr me on.

Thank you



I like this plan because if you find it hard on week one do it another week. If you want to keep at week three for a month it's ok as long as your happy. take your time and if you need help or encouragement... that's why this forum is here. I know I will be using it.

Good luck




If you find the music and talking on the nhs C25K app annoying (I certainly did!) there is one from zen labs that I downloaded for free via my fitness pal which just tells you when to warm up, when to run and when to walk and has no music.



I to have 7 stone to lose and am on wk1 weightlose plan but wanted to say I admire your motivation, I honestly feel too heavy , not to mention unfit but am determined to have a go when I have lost 1 stone, feel I need the confidence boosted but in the meantime am walking every day and making sure I do 10000 steps but let us know how you get on . Good luck


Hi there, it is mentioned below, but try walking for the 30 minutes instead, get some really great music. Even walking up the stairs when before you would take a lift. My mum lost 9 stone with weight watchers last year and she was very hesitant to exercise initially, but started to swap small things like walking to the shop instead of making me do it. Its small things like this that will get you used to the idea of starting the Couch25k plan. Well done on starting your journey :) My mum is now a weight watchers leader and advices her members to make healthier choices no matter how big or small they may seem :) good luck


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