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Slowly jogging along

I can't believe that I'm writing this simply because it's me thats always shied away from exercise but I've started to go jogging with my Staffordshire bull Ralph,I just started really slowly in the day when everybody's at work and it's quiet,we live on the back of a canal so I'm very lucky as its out the back gate and off I go,I like the sense of freedom as well as the sense of achievement as small as it may be,all I can say to you all is that if I can do it anybody can!

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If you are starting jogging / running I highly recommend the NHS Couch to 5K programme - it builds you up to running for half an hour. There's also an incredibly friendly forum too - good luck!


Well done every little helps and the dacy that you enjoy it is a great bonus , keep it up x


I tried jogging with my Staffordshire bull terrier she thought it was an amazing game, jumping up and running in front nearly had me over a few times so I ditched that plan bought a mini trampoline instead its great fun ! :-)


Hi there

Thanks for your reply,your staffy sounds like a typical staffy,bounding around and full of energy,my staffy(Ralph) probably isn't normal as he,s very well behaved as well as being lazy lol,I also have had a mini trampoline in the past but it was a bit of a fad for me I'm afraid and it just ended up stuck in the garage with all the other exercise bits and bobs going rusty,hope you have lots of fun on it though! X


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