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#WLCW3 No junk food for 2 weeks!!

Have been trying to sign in since Monday, but have now sorted computer glitch ( a complete fluke). I have lost 1lb this week, so that's 4 in total. The biggie is that I have eaten no biscuits, chocolate or crisps for 17 days now. A-May-zing for me! I'm in the process of trying to re-educate my palate, so for now, it's cold turkey time. I'm like an alcoholic, but with junk food. A junkaholic? I have one, and have to eat the whole packet. Or rather, I did. And I'm doing 2 x 20 minute walk or dance sessions each day ( apart from 2 days, when my back was too bad to move at all), even if it's just shuffling round on the carpet. Finding the 1400 cals a day sustainable at the mo, and even turned down junkfood at my ladies meeting today. So......so far, so good. I'm finding the info and this forum very helpful. Good luck to all.

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Thats great achievement :-) same here i have not touched junk for over 2 weeks now as well...i found it slightly more difficult to do this week as i have increase exercise time and found myself quite hungry in a few instances, but its ok i kept it to healthy food :-) good luck with the rest of the program! :-)


Well done on kicking the habit! Hopefully it should get easier with time. I can now have the occasional sweet treat without the cravings starting up.


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