Week 1 of the Losing Weight - Getting Started plan

Last week I started the 12 week plan and I already think it's amazing! The weekly chart gives me the motivation to keep going and to stick to my diet as everyday I have to update it and my family can see it. The tips each week are a great help, I don't feel like I've been thrown in at the deep end. The list of actions for every week are brilliant (although I am late in signing up to the forum as I was supposed to do it last week, oops). The structure has given me the motivation I needed to stick to a diet and also telling my family and friends what I'm up to. If they know, then I'll be really embarrassed if I just give up!

At the end of week 1 I lost 5lbs which I am over the moon about, and I lost an inch off my waist. I'm trying to keep in mind that the weight loss won't be like this every week so that I don't feel down if I only lose 1lb during a week, or nothing at all. My biggest challenge now is starting the exercise. I do TaeKwon-Do and having weekly classes is what motivates me to go, doing exercise off my own back though... not so much motivation. I've tried writing down what I'm going to do and when but that doesn't seem to work either. Does anybody have any ideas or tips that they've found works for them?

Good luck to all those other dieters out there. Keep going, we can all do it :)

Little_Miss_TKD x


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  • Well done on your weight loss :-) i know this is probably a wrong way to motivate yourself, but i have signed up for an expensive gym with lots of classes and somehow knowing i am paying quite a lot of it makes me motivated to go there at least 2-3 times a week! as you trying to get back into exercising i suggest you start with going for walks... i have started walking at lunch time s last week and found it very nice way to relax and break my day at work as well, then maybe build exercises slowly... doing 1 or 2 sessions a week and then continue walking then increase it as appropriate! the motivation overall... remind yourself why you want to do it! my goad is to drop as much as i can before August due to some personal plans that i have.. find something that motivates you and remind yourself every day why you are on this journey :-)

  • I actually signed up to a gym yesterday with my sister haha. It's only over the road from me and with my sister going as well, I think that will help keep me motivated to go (watch this space). Once or twice a week I don't start work until 12.30 so I make sure to do one of the NHS 10 minute workouts in the morning. Because they're not very long it means I don't get bored and there are several to choose from as well.

    Thank you, this has helped a lot :)

    Little_Miss_TKD x

  • That's great :-) i was planning to go today and guess what... the electricity went down in half of the town to i stayed home to find some candles and all :-) by the time it came back on i was late for my class... now i still felt like i need to do something so i just done 20 minutes of a light workout in front of TV :) that made me feel slightly better! i do 1 zumba class and 2 aqua classes at the gym weekly, i love it really now when i am used to going :-) gets me out of that sofa :-) i also love walking at lunch whenever i can make it... i did not know they do 10 minute workouts, ill check it now :-) oh and another motivational thing... weight yourself once a week on a certain day ( mine is Monday) if you have lost even a little bit allow yourself a little treat ( for example i allowed myself a small Lindt chocolate bunny last week when i fount out that i lost and spent one night in having face mask and manicure and all) so just choose a right treat that works for you :-)

  • It's great that you still made sure to do a workout even though you didn't go to your class, that's something I'm not so good at at the moment. I find the 10 minute work outs great, you can feel them working as you're doing them, you can mix it up because there are 6 to choose from and you don't risk getting bored as they're not very long. I weigh myself on a Sunday, you have to fill it in on the chart for the NHS diet plan so it helps give structure and motivation. I had some chocolate this weekend and also did a bit of shopping, which included buying myself a new top for the gym.

    Little_Miss_TKD x

  • Oh believe me this is a new acquired thing, i used to not leave sofa for a very long time and just pile on weight :-) i decided to take this seriously after i weighted myself one day and i was in complete shock and realization finally hit me bad:-) i was tempted to miss my Zumba class tonight as it is on so late in the evening and its sooo cold outside... but then i knew that if i don't go i will feel really guilty!!!:) i looked at the 10 minute workouts and they look quite good, will give them a try one day! Oh new top for a gym sounds nice :-) yes i treated myself to a new top and new joggers in January and oh i was so surprised how very comfortable gym clothes can change your experience of exercising! hope you put the top to the good use :-) how is gym going with your sister? :-)

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