#WLWC 3- slow and steady wins the race

#WLWC 3- slow and steady wins the race

Sooo 4lbs wait lose this week! mini goal hit for graduation this Friday (aiming to try lose another pound before Friday). £6 in my jar now so 6 down 29 pounds to go! Ive also been doing a chart so I can see my progress and a visual aid to not want to avoid exercise. Exercise and diet is going well although eating out is a pest- made to plan the night before what i'm eating so I'm not going over but this is the first time i'm really determined to stick to this and not going to lie, coming on here and knowing that there are loads of other people in the same boat, keeps me going :) oh and this is the first week where I can tell there is a difference in my pictures- going to put them in order when i get to my goal weight and (fingers crossed!) see the weight loss and before and after pictures. Always a good confidence boost to see that :)


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