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Weekend alert!

What is it with weekends?,they always seem to throw a spanner in the works,my food schedule in the week is a lot easier when my partner is at work as I don't have to cook much in the evenings as he works strange hours but at weekends everything is just so relaxed with no schedule and we eat as and when we please really,I'm trying very hard to resist things but finding it hard but I know I will be seriously annoyed with myself if I have a blowout,some support would be good from you guys x

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Weekends are a real sticking point - more relaxed here too, larger family meals, where we don't always get to eat together in the week, and the feeling I deserve a few glasses of wine after a hectic week. I'm trying portion control at mealtimes, with a smaller plate and upping the exercise at weekends so if I go over my calorie limit the exercise would have burnt the extra off (that's my theory anyway). Probably just as well the weigh-in is on Monday because I keep that in mind over the weekend too. It is hard - but you'll feel really good on Monday if you get through the weekend without the blowout. Good luck.


It is my guess that it is a case of planning ahead, which I am not particularly good at, but all the best to you. Don't let him disrupt your effects, he will be glad when he sees you slim, unless of course, he also ought to be on the diet!!!


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