HELP. Im gng to start on the 12 wk nhs weightloss program Bt my problem is getting motivated to exercise. A hard yr at wrk has BURNT ME OUT

I think that the last year at work ( desk bound high stress) has just burnt me out and I am exhausted to even get up and try and exercise . I used to always find something to motivate myself. this time I reaaaaaaly cannot HELP coz I definatley need to exercise for it many benefits.HELP HELP HELP

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  • I'm sorry to hear how you have been suffering, but I can relate to what you said as I too have totally burned myself out from stress and a heavy workload. The only advice I can give to get your motivation back is to start taking little steps which will make you feel good about yourself and encourage you to take more. I started off by parking my car half a mile away from where I work as I developed high blood pressure through stress. By walking gave me the chance to get some exercise as I don't have time to go the gym. This made me feel less stressed by the time I got to work as it gave me time to reflect on things plus the fresh air makes me feel good, it's like a tonic. The main thing is to take time out for yourself too and start planning ahead with your meals. I'm in the process of de-cluttering my house at the moment, which is making me feel quite positive about myself and plus it's nice to know where things are, it takes less time to find things. Good luck.

  • I sympathise with you. I have a stressful job too and last year was bad for me. A pedometer really does help to motivate you. It's amazing how quickly you can reach 10,000 steps with a few short walks in the day. Good luck

  • Hiya I was going to suggest walking too. Walk to the shops at the weekend, walk in the park, out for a pub lunch (salad of course!). Walk slowly and take in your surroundings. Let the fresh air work it's magic. If you live near the coast the sea air is brilliant for blowing away the cobwebs and clearing your head.

    If you haven't got help for your stress there are some great self help tools on the internet.

    Take care and good luck with the weightloss too

  • Hi there, you are where we have all been at some stage. I can give you some advice based on a programme both my partner and I have been on for the last 7 weeks now. My partner has lost a stone and a half and I have lost 11lbs.Not only that I am absolutely amazed at the renewed energy it has given us. If you want to know more go to Once you have reviewed if you feel you would like to join us on the challenge let me know. Good luck

  • Walking in the fresh air can be a great stress reducer, alternatively I find moving to music can be good fun and good exercise, something like Zumba perhaps?

    Hope you can reduce the stress.

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