UP-DATE. January 2013 New Years resolution. LOSE WEIGHT! 21bls so far

At the beginning of the year I found this site and On the 15th Jan last year I down loaded the My Fitness Pal app (MFP). Both have been a tremendous help. Since then (exactly 1 year today) I am happy to say I have lost 21bls. I want to lose another 7-10bls before June. I just want to give you all hope that it may be a slow process but definitely worth persevering. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

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  • Thank you ! Well done! That's so reassuring. I have just joined this site and like what i see enormously. I have also lost weight - but with much more to go (another stone at least); I am up to 32lbs loss now though and managed to get through Christmas with just a small weight gain - so it's looking good. So I agree, persevere, take your time (old habits die hard....) and GOOD LUCK.

  • We'll done VM2014. That is a great loss so far. Keep up the hard work. You know you can do it. I only put 1bl on over Xmas but 2 more since as been eating up left overs. They have gone now thankfully. So hoping to start losing again. Do you use MFP too? It is s great help to me. Even if I have a bad day I religiously log in and record what goes into my mouth. It makes me more aware and helps me say no to a lot of forbidden foods.

  • Thank you- would like more info on the MFP app as don't use it. Where can I get it? Yes - my weight increase was purely down to POST Xmas eating up of choc/leftovers..... all gone now. Hooray.

  • itunes.apple.com/gb/app/cal.... This is the link ( I think!) I have an iPhone and iPad which this works on. I think you can get it on android too. I know you can definitely get it on a computer. Google myfitnesspal.com.

  • That's great. thanks v much

  • MyFitnessPal is totally indispensable for dieters. When I was actively losing (42 pounds in six months on 5:2) I logged every mouthful. I have it on my android phone. I don't understand bls, sorry. Is that an NHS abbreviation?

  • Hi gingernut49. Wow what a brilliant loss. Well done. I'm doing the 5/2 diet and MFP too. Sorry bls??? My dyslexia I'm afraid it should be lbs - it means pounds in old (pre decimalisation) terms! :-/. Are you still dieting? Is that the new slim you in your profile picture? You look amazing if so. :-) x

  • Oops, of course that's what you meant, sorry.

    I went from a size 16 (12 stone 4lbs) to a size 10 and I've been 9 stone 4 lbs since April (5'8"). I just fast one day a week now but I make sure to weigh myself weekly to keep it in check - that way I know whether to fast one or two days the following week. I started C25K last January and now run three times a week. At 64 I want to live as long and as healthily as possible!

  • I was going to give the 5 to 2 diet a go can you exercise on the fast days as I teach aerobics Monday to Friday look fwd to weekend so don't want to fast sat and sun

  • Yes, I always exercise on my fasting days. After I'd been doing it for a while I dropped eating lunch (I never eat breakfast as it makes me more hungry) so today, for example, I'll run to the cinema, watch a film, then run home, a round trip of over four miles. I'll just take water. I'll probably eat something when I get home. Obviously that won't suit everyone. When I first started I had a bowl of soup for lunch with an apple, then my evening meal is usually a small amount of protein and a huge pile of vegetables, then probably a sugar free jelly or natural yoghurt with a small drizzle of honey or a satsuma.

  • Thanks I am going to give it a go starting Monday just need to plan what to have on fast days

  • I'd definitely recommend Kate Harrison's book (it's only £1.99 on Kindle) for ideas. And the Hairy Dieters recipe books are excellent. I normally cook everything from scratch, but found low-calorie ready meals plus a steam pack of vegetables made an easy dinner on fasting days, plus of course they are already calorie counted. The M&S Count on Us ones are particularly tasty.

  • And the Glorious or Covent Garden skinny soups!

  • Thanks I will have a look at them need to lose 1 to 2 stone packed in cigs and have piled weight on

  • Yes, I replied to your previous post about that. So easy to do - that's when I put on weight. Just think of all the money you're saving towards your nice new slim clothes!

  • I would definitely get the book and use MFP. Good luck jenne x

  • Enjoy your film. X

  • OMG. :-) don't want to sound rude! I thought you would be a young slip of a girl. 64 and running 3x plus exercise per week. You really have given me HOPE! I'm 54. Last year I was between 16-18 clothes and tipped the scales at 12st 13lbs. I'm now between 14-16 clothes and 11st 6lbs. My goal is it be under 11 stone by my 55th birthday in June. I would love to be under 10.5st but will set that goal later. Then maybe under 10st. Ideally 12-14 clothes. Thank you :-) you have given me inspiration x

  • Contact me any time Wendy. You can do it! I haven't felt this good since I was in my teens! Xxx

  • Keep it up Wendy, I'm 52, have very slowly lost two stones and am now only about 7 lbs off my target; my BMI is already within 'healthy' range, so am just experimenting to see where I feel best (extra weight on an old motorcycling knee injury wasn't helping). Although it feels great being a size 10 (I'm only 5'2"), the main reason I eventually managed sensible, permanent weight loss after 30-odd years of weight gain/loss/gain is that I focused on my HEALTH, not my size/shape; as 50 loomed I decided I really didn't want to be a dumpy old lady who grunts when she sits down, and can't climb a ladder. I've not gone the other way - you won't find me in shorts or bearing my midriff (except on the beach) - but I love clothes now, especially Boden, although most of it is from charity shops and Ebay! Can't run due to nerve damage in leg, but fit in at least a brisk 30 minute walk 4 times a week - again, doesn't contribute significantly to calorie use/weight loss, but health is the key for me. Here's to '10 stone something' on your birthday!

  • I hope I look half as good as you when I reach 64! wow you look amazing, I too am now my teen weight!

  • *blushing* Thank you - isn't it great!

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