Week 2 of losing weight plan

Week 2 of losing weight plan

Last week I was 10st 6lb and this week I weigh 10st 6lb - so tell me where the justice is there!! I have stuck to the diet religiously and not had any alcohol. I have begun the C25K and done a bit of the nhs 10 min activity and have listened to Paul McKenna telling me he can 'make me thin'!! So a bit disappointed but clearly have lost some weight off my tummy as this has gone down by 2cm. It looks like I will have to be sticking to it all but its not going to reward me as rapidly as I'd like. So 1 week done another 34 to my birthday!

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  • Keep at it. I have recently finished 12 weeks of weight loss club. Some weeks I lost between 1 and 3 pound and others nothing at all, for no apparent reason! At the end of the 12 weeks I'd shed 18 pounds :-)

    I still want to lose another couple of stone, so intend to carry on with this.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks I know you are right and on the positive this morning I appear to have lost a pound. I do feel alot healthier though and dont have that really bloated feeling.

  • Stick with it, please don't be put off. Weigh yourself again in 2 days time. You know you've adhered to the plan, so it is coming off. Like you said, 2cm off your tum...that's fantastic and is a good indicator of progress. And phone up that Paul McKenna as Mr Angry :)

  • thank you so much - I appear to have lost 1lb today...and yes Paul McKenna is a little irritating!!

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