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the dear old learning curve

Hi folks. been a bit quiet of late so thought i would update you. the whole healthy eating/weight loss plan is working as I am learning that i cannot have certain foods in the house (such as peanut butter!) if i want to lose weight successfully . Am compiling a list through trial and error to help me on my weight loss adventure. Just had breakfast so raring to go for the day. keep up the good work. best of luck. xxx

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My weak food is nuts of any sort or dried apricots. Chocolate and biscuits don't come into our house as my flat mate has ADHD and he has no impulse control with those foods :)

I sometimes make ANZAC biscuits and we stick them in the freezer and only 2 come out for supper while loading the dishwasher after T


Hi healthyone,

Ha, peanut butter! I used to smother that on to bread / toast.

I now haven't had any for absolutely ages.

It's like it is said around here - don't underestimate how when you change your eating your tastes will change too.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


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