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Night Fever

WLC W1 day 5, and so far I'm staying with the program. I'm putting on disco music for 30 mins each day ( yeah, I'm old and sad). To say I 'dance' to it would be too kind, but I do stay on my feet and move. The cat is already sick of the bee gees, donna summer and mowtown in general. Two bars into 'Night Fever', the 1st track, and she leaves the room. Too bad, Phoebe, I aim to be rockin it by week 12, so the music stays. Good luck to all and keep focused.

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Well done with sticking to the programme so far. Love your idea of the disco dancing - I think I might just do a bit of that. Good luck with the rest of the programme!


Good luck.

I like to Dance to, your not alone on that one.


Dancing is a great idea. I do the same. It might not be as rigorous as a gym workout but if it's something you enjoy then you'll keep doing it and it will lift your spirits as well.


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