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The good news & the bad

Hi all,

I've lost the 2lb I put on before Christmas with meals out & lack of exercise because of the weather. But bad news- I thought I only had about 5lb to go for healthy BMI. I was weighing in lbs at home and kilos at the sports centre. It was only when I did the conversion I realised I am actually 7lb heavier than I thought - home scales well out!

More good news- having lost 18lb already I know I can lose more and with abs exercise get rid of the belly. So a bit longer but I know I can get there.

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Well done on getting back to your pre-Christmas weight and putting out a nice positive post.

I,too,got a bit of a shock when I calculated my BMI a few days ago and discovered I was right at the very top end of the healthy BMI category-it's made me totally re-think my targets and I'm aiming for somewhere around the mid-way point.

Like you, I'm determined and know I will get there :)


Congratulations Windswept on the loss :)

@Carolecal: I would not put too much emphasis on BMI, especially if calculating using the formula used by the NHS. BMI is an easy and simple indication to emphasis a point to persons near the extremities of the scale, when closer to the "Normal Range" it said to be less accurate. The other point debated is the overweight point of 25, experts now think a more appropriate overweight point is 26 point something (I can't remember the exact figure sorry).

You can use what is thought to be a more upto date formula to calculate your BMI this calculator uses it for anyone who is interested.


More about the BMI issue at ox.ac.uk/media/science_blog...


Thanks for the links, OlsBean .Just checked out the Telegraph one ,ie the 'new system' and this calculated my BMI at 0.7 points higher than the old formula :)

It's not something I've ever placed that much importance on for myself, preferring to rely on scales, mirror and clothing to tell me when I've overstepped my comfort zone.....though I think the bit of a shock came when the ' overweight' word came popping up before my eyes ,more of a case of " yes,ok I knew that ...just didn't need you to tell me !"


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