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Well that's the end of my 12 weeks but still have quite a way to go.#WLC 12

I lost another 2 pounds this week, which takes my total weight loss over the 12 week period to 1 stone and 4 pounds :-)

I joined this site to see if I could restart my weight loss after plateau-ing for a while.

I have been on my weight loss journey since January 2011 and have now lost 5st 7 lbs.

Thanks to this site I have been able to stay focused and have welcomed the encouragement and mutual support.

I intend to carry on in the same vein until I reach a comfortable weight.

If anyone reading this is new to the site and wondering if it is for them, then I for one would strongly recommend it.

Cheers everyone :-)

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Congratulation, well done :)


Thanks OlsBean.


Well, I just think that's great!! Well done, you must feel really good:) keep it up:)


Well done. it's been good reading your posts. keep it up.


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