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Not sure if I'm doing this right but here goes nothing! At my heaviest I've been as high as 21st :( I got an English setter pup 4 years ago and started walking 5 miles a day and lost 2st fairly fast then it tailed off. Joined Rosemary Conley exercise club and got down to 17st but the zumba didn't agree with my knees. Have just begun c25k with my dog and finding it fantastic:)

Managed to put on 7lb since beginning of Dec so committing myself to Monday weigh in starting at 17st7lbs. I've been following the threads on here for months and everyone is so supportive so good luck to everyone starting today lets motivate each other :) X

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I think ill have a look at the c25k as well. iv got a little westie aged 11 and half so don't know how far ill get with her . iv also just bought a second hand cross trainer , I need to loose about 4 stone just to get in my healthy weight range , well done on your weight loss so far ,im just recovering from a bad chest infection so am so out of fitness even just walking has me out of breath , im currently 14 stone 7 , bmi 35.1 and only 5 foot 3 , iv got high bp and underactive thyroid, im really determined to do this , im 50 at the end of this year ,im NOT going to be fat at 50 , good luck in your weight loss journey :)


Thanks for replying - I need to check in more regularly! How has this week gone for you? I've lost 6lbs but got my period last Tues so that may have added to initial weigh in.. still pleased though :) x


Here's to your next 7 lb loss in the short term! I agree with you on the zumba, same with running for me due to old leg injury but I walk, walk, walk and love it. Just 9lbs to go now. Good luck and keep posting.


Thanks, walking is great for anyone - it really annoys me when people say it isn't as good as other exercise! You're so close to your goal now! It must feel great :) x


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