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Kick start for 2014

I haven't been on for a while,

Life events took over before Christmas, then the festive season came,

I didn't reach my last goal and have put on a few lbs,

I will be starting again Monday 6th so will update my goals, I was finding it harder to lose the weight as time went on last time so I am hoping by eating what ever for a few months will help me now move them lbs I don't want easier

I am still 2 stone+ lighter then I was the start of 2013 and Hope I can loss the same or more for 2014.

Good luck everyone with your own goals

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In a similiar positon appear to have gained 8lbs over Xmas. I too intend to start Monday, only doing what I did most of last year. Which was to eat correctly and exercise for myself. It's more about damage limitation for me. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out approaching Xmas 14... Here's to successful weight loss and maintenance in 2014.


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