Hey...I'm going to go for it! Your post's help to inspire...but does anyone know of a site or app that enables you to record your progress?

Hello, I'm 5 stone over weight after giving up the fags some 7 years ago and giving birth to my beautiful girl some two years ago.

It now time to change and I've gained inspiration from this site....Thank you x

I'm looking for a site that can give you graphs etc to show any progress I hope to make with regard to weight loss and exercise. Do you know of any sites or apps??


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  • Congratulations! I use the myfitnesspal app - you can also use it on your computer. You can record your daily calories and it also puts your weight lose in to a graph! Good Luck!

  • Hi

    I also use my fitness pal together with the NHS choices 12 week plan. Has a great range of food pre entered. You can create your own recipes and calorie count. There are graphs and you can customise it to suit your requirements.

    Good luck on your journey. You've come to a good site for support and inspiration.


  • I love MyFitnessPal! I use it mostly as an app on my phone but it links to the desktop site as well. Look at the little 'how to...' videos that come on the app - there's even one to show you how to scan in bar codes!

    I'd also very much recommend the 5:2 Diet. I lost three stone in six months and have maintained my weight loss since April by just fasting one day a week. It's brilliant! There are some very supportive Facebook groups - look for one called 5:2 For Life and Health. xx

  • Good luck with your quest. I also use myfitnesspal. It is a free app. I have lost 20bls while using it. Back to logging now Xmas is over and all naughty food gone. Even tho I indulged over Christmas I still logged in each day as it made conscious of what went into my mouth so I perhaps didn't indulge as much as I could have done! Good luck :-)

  • I agree re myfitnesspal - it's easy to use and once you start it quickly becomes a habit. Good luck. Plus, the bar code scanner is such fun!

  • Hi

    I would highly recommend myfitnesspal ap. Iv used it for a week and did no exercise and lost 1.8kg I plan to exercise soon but atm I wanted to check validity of the app and it works.it has graphs too its a free ap and iv added my friends for support and we can view what each other eating or exercising and find it so easy to use. Good luck x

  • Thanks all....I've just found the app you all suggest. Good stuff.

    My sister-in- law does the 5:2 and has lost loads and I tried last year but then Crimbo came!

    Starting on Monday xxx

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