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Do i need to increase my calorie intake?

I currently eat 1200 calories a day as I'm on the raspberry ketone diet, i want to switch diets to the 5:2 diet as Ive lost over a stone but seems to be slowing down. On my non fasting days do i need to be eating more than 1200 calories ? I'm used to eating this amount and I'd like to stick to this , would this diet still be affective for me? any advice would be grateful thank you :)

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Why not just go Low carb/High fat? I don't count calories.


If you go for the 5:2 diet I understand that you need to have 2 days on about 500 calories a day, not sure about non-fasting days.


thanks for the reply, i started off with a no carb diet which worked very well for me so once i introduced carbs to my body again i went on the raspberry ketone diet to ensure i didn't put the weight back on , i want to try this one but do i need to eat more than 1200 calories on my none fast days? x


I think you can go up to 2000 calories on non-fast days. Have a look on line, as there is a calculator to suggest your calorie intake.

I've not heard of the raspberry ketone diet. Perhaps you need to eat less raspberries if your weight loss is slowing down! I find that eating too much fruit causes weight gain. The LC/HC is a permanent way of eating that works that well for me, I didn't want to go for 'no carbs' as I felt I didn't need to go that far.

Good luck with whatever you choose.


Try this as a way of changing your eating habits to give sustainable weight loss. - nhs.uk/LiveWell/weight-loss...

Perhas you should look to changing the way you eat to a generally healthy diet with exercse if you are able to.


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